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A lot of people say Read a Book instead of watching Movies. Maybe it’s the cultural conditioning or maybe it’s a general perception but people think movies are a lot different from books. Here’s a clarification for all the people out there who think mono-dimensionally and those who don’t put a lot of thought into what they are saying.

Documentation: Before discussing the actual content let us discuss Documentation. Human beings are capable of remembering things and pass them onto the next generation as their experiences which helped the latter to understand life better and start from a level upper than that of their ancestors. Some had used measures like carving pictures on the stone to let the coming generations know what they knew. A while later they have stumbled onto palm leaves which later turned to paper.

Since paper lasted too long we have stuck to it and used it for centuries until we entered the electronic age. The paper became binary and tapes turned magnetic then to the laser. The core point of this whole invention and the betterment in it being documenting what we know. To let the future generations, know what we have discovered, our values, our morals, and experiences.

These have helped too. Many great stories have given us most of our values in our lives. These are something we believe to our core because they are the stories of the greatest Individuals ever lived. The story of Ram, Shiva, Jesus, Mohammed everything has been documented for the sole benefit of people. The fictional stories which are used to deliver messages that can help people are documented in the books just the same way as the true ones.

Now that we have a different way of documenting stories we are doing them electronically which are called movies. Movies are just visual and auditory illustrations of stories. They are different from books but not that different when spoken about conceptually. So, reading a book or watching a movie it is not that different. Every film is a documentation of a story just in a different way. So, the next time you see somebody watching a movie encourage them because every film carries messages that the maker wants to deliver to the world just as in the case of books or storytelling sessions.

Every filmmaker carries a different vision with him which he delivers unto the world. And Bollywood is a part of that world that helps filmmakers deliver their vision to the world. Majority of the best movies in India are made in Bollywood which has earned a worldwide reputation. In this cross-cultural world where everyone is looking for a new experience Majority of the English people and Americans are extending their interests into films from other countries.

Since Indian and especially Bollywood films definitely come across as some of the finest of the films, many are looking to experience more. This trend is making people search for sources to watch Hindi movies online since the internet is the best place to find what you want. Many are succeeding in this process but a majority of them are winding up in illegal sites. For people who are in desperate search of Indian movies check out the legal Indian websites that offer a better inventory than any other and are dead cheap because of the currency difference. Read a book, watch a movie, as long as you are learning they are both the same.