Voodoo magic

Voodoo magic or religion has African – Caribbean origins. The voodoo practicers believe in a supreme being Bondye – the creator God; they also worship many gods, goddess and spirits. In 1685 the American law prohibited the practice of African religion inside the colonies and required all masters to Christianize their slaves within 8 days of their arrival. This process gave origins to the mixed voodoo religion. From the early beginning voodoo had a bad reputation among people – it was usually associated with human sacrifices, cannibalism and Satanism. The most famous voodoo practicer is Maria Laveau – a daughter of a black Haitian woman and a French immigrant. She is believed to be the “witch of the witches” and the first voodoo Louisiana queen in her community. The African and Creole women emerged as a strong power in a racial war between black and white. These women were called “free women of color” because they were given specific rights and duties. Due to Maria Laveau’s contribution, there is no difference between white and black magic in voodoo and women, who practice this type of magic, could feel themselves independent and free from prejudice. The voodoo magic also depends on a place where is practiced, for example, in Louisiana, Haiti and Ghana voodoo has got a French influence.


Although voodoo has a very small connection with Christianity, popes and priests often show their approval of voodoo as magic and religion. For example, in 1993 Pope John Paul II helped to cement the amiable coexistence of Christianity and voodoo. From that time on,the Christian religion started officially using some of the voodoo rituals in their ceremonies, although Bible directly prohibits a practice of any type of witchcraft and magic.

The famous voodoo dolls are believed to be a material incorporation of a human soul. But not many people know that the doll is associated with a specific person only by attaching a picture or something related with this person, like a small piece of cloth or lack of hair. The voodoo doll could be used for good purposes – when you want to attract someone you like into your life and for bad purposes – to cause someone pain by pinning the doll (in my personal opinion, this method is less popular nowadays). Voodoo spell casters use many kinds of magic tools, such as crystals and talismans. Before using these attributes, a spell caster usually puts a spell on it, so the magic tool could protect its owner from bad eye and bad luck.

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As it was already mentioned before, voodoo has originated from African-American slaves and, as you probably knows, many African tribes use ritual dancing to put spells and to call the nature spirits. Although, Islam might allow the voodoo traditions, some of the Asian countries consider these rituals to be satanic dances and so prohibit it as a religion. Voodoo as magic is mostly practiced in the Europe and Americas and has around 80 million followers all over the world. People believe that it is very powerful and so could bring fasterresults that any other type of magic. Voodoo talismans are believed to protect their owner from bad spirits and are also sold as fetishes that could be used in medicine and science. The bad or the dark side of the voodoo is that it could be used for evil purposes by casting hexes upon the adversaries. Voodoo is one of the oldest religions and is often demonized by today’s civilization. But the negative comments never stopped the people to practice it freely, because everyone has a free will to choose.