Vacation Cities that Focus on Accessible Holiday Accommodations

Being handicapped or aging causes all sorts of hardships for those in these conditions. You must be more cautious about where you travel and you often have to bring along extra people to ensure that the support needed to assist you is on hand or available. If you have limited, very limited or no personal mobility, unfortunately many of the world’s top vacation places are off limits to you. Unlike in America where it is mandatory that hotels, restaurants, airports, buses, and other private and public amenities are fitted to accommodate those who with mobility challenges, many other countries do not have such laws and their buildings, transportation, and venues are simply not capable or prepared.

However, there are many vacation locations that understand that those who have less or no mobility deserve a great vacation. In fact many of these places are the top cities and vacations spots in the world. They offer accessible holiday accommodations and make them feel welcome all year round. Here are two of the top places where those with limited or no mobility can go and have a great time.

Zagreb, Croatia

The eastern European country of Croatia occupies has the biggest land mass of any country on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Its total area includes some of Europe’s most beautiful topography and more than 1,000 islands. This distinction places it only second to Greece in sheers numbers. Zagreb, its capital city, is a very popular vacation destination partially because it is so gorgeous and also because of its price relative to Europe’s other hotspots, Barcelona and Milan. Zagreb beats them all in price by at least one third.

But although Croatia may not be as well-known or highly regarded as these other countries, it more than matches each of them in luxury places to stay and upscale facilities to sample.  The country can rave about its more than 1,200 miles of striking coastline on the Adriatic Sea and extraordinary beachfront villas many of which are accessible to wheelchairs. In addition, the city metro is also wheelchair friendly and many of the sites one will enjoy can accommodate those with mobility issues. Overall everyone who visits Zagreb will have a great time.

London, England

London is one of the top destination cities in the world. And one would think that one of the top cities in the world for visitors would also accommodate every type of visitor. You would think correctly!  

London, home of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, has been retrofitted as well as any city in the world, to accommodate those with limited mobility. When traveling to and in the city, you can count on buses having wheelchair lifts, trains having elevators at each station, and designated areas for wheelchairs within the carriages. When you visit the many art galleries and museums, you can expect ramps and wide doors and that restaurants and coffee houses are fully equipped for those needing additional seating space or a wide aisle. Further there are literally hundreds of accommodations around the city built to be accessible to wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices. In London anyone who comes will have a great time and not be prohibited from participating in everything the city has to offer.

These are just two of the dozens of great vacation destinations around the world who now cater to those who have mobility challenges. Each year more are added to the list and soon every vacation destination will join.