Using twitter to boost your online reputation

Online reputation management is an emerging industry with players all across north America. Because barriers to entry are low and part of online reputation management is search engine optimization, there are a lot of people switching to offer this service. In reality, ORM is more complex than just SEO because it deals with more work like content curation and blog mentions.

Social media is another aspect that is very important. The more your domain shows up on different website, the better it will rank especially if it comes from high domain ranking sites. Using Twitter to boost your brand and help with your online reputation is an easy and great place to start. It is useful to know the best time to post your tweet to get as many people to engage. There is a research done to help you figure when that is. The average lifespan of a tweet is about an hour. Your tweet should reach 75% potential engagement in less than three hours. Therefore if you tweet at the right time, you will most likely maximize engagement. It is known that the best times to tweet are in the afternoon. Depending on your industry, you will want to test out the optimal time by trying out different times everyday.Image result for Using twitter to boost your online reputation

If you know you will be busy the time you would like to post, there are tools out there to help you schedule a time to tweet and what you want it to say. It can help you be more productive since you would have to stop what you are doing and log into you account just to post a tweet. You can even be inspired anywhere to tweet like on the road. There is even a feature with the use of siri to send a tweet. Or if you have an android, you can activate Google now. There are even shortcuts on your keyboard to help you save time. Instead of using you mouse to like or reply to a tweet, you can use your keyboard.

You can even embed tweets onto your website or blog by using the feature found on twitter. If another known brand has promoted you, you can use that on your site to show your stakeholders on the other people who have promoted your products or services. Your online reputation is important. Be sure to show anyone who searches what you are really about.