How to Use Vehicle Magnets to Strengthen Your Advertising Game

In today’s world, where digital marketing is taking over the world, many businesses often underestimate the effectiveness of simple things like a car magnet. Vehicle magnets are the tried and tested tools of advertisement that have never disappointed their users. It is an inexpensive way of converting your vehicle into a marketing tool, gathering the attention of hundreds of people as you simply drive around in your car or even keep it parked in the open. Some statistics state that almost 91% people can recall the marketing message that they read on a vehicle magnet. Also, the fact that 75% create an impression about the company based in this marketing message, make it increasingly important for you to design your vehicle magnet meticulously well. Below are some tips for you to design an ideal vehicle magnet for your business.

Avoid Going Overboard with the Content

Your vehicle magnet will act as an advertising tool towards the pedestrians or people who are on some sort of commute, giving them much less time to register to your advertisement. Hence, it is best to keep your marketing message short and appealing, instead of long and ornamental. Also, cramming too much information about your company on the car magnet would make it difficult and dreary to read for potential customers. Keep your content short and smart. Only add the essential details, such as, your company’s name, logo, your contact number, a couple of the services that you offer and your website.


Consider the Possibilities of Advertisement

A car magnet can create up to 70,000 impressions in a day. Hence it is only a good idea for you to use a vehicle magnet for much more than just endorsing your business for just what it is. Besides just promoting your business, you can design and use car magnets to announce a special sale in your store, advertise a delivery service or even promote a special event or a milestone that your company recently hit. The fact that vehicle magnets are cost-effective and easy to obtain gives you another reason to use it in multiple advertisements.

Make Use of Full Colour Graphics

Graphic images are an excellent way to enhance your advertisement on vehicle magnets. Relevant images deliver an impression about the main purpose of your brand, much quicker than any adjoining listing of services that you put up. By providing a more visual experience about what your brand offers, you can attract much more customers in the little duration of viewing that you get from each person. For example, a full colour image of a scrumptious pastry can attract many more customers than a list of all your products on the car magnet. Jersey Shore Vehicle Magnets provides the best graphics quality, to help you make a stunning impression with your advertisement.

Attain the Perfect Colour Balance

Colour balance is something extremely integral for the readability of your vehicle magnet. The best way to ensure good readability of your advertisement is by using a dark background with lighter letters.