Understanding The Composition of E-liquid

E-liquid or e-juice is the liquid used in e-cigarettes. This liquid on heating convert into vapours, and the user inhales this while smoking an e-cig. The composition of e-juice is mentioned on the label itself.  Most of the e-juices composition contains four major components.

  1. Vegetable glycerine: vegetable glycerine constitutes around 80 percent volume of the e-liquid. White plumes formed by smoking e-cigarettes is because of the presence of VP in the e-juice. Glycerine for e-liquids is extracted from vegetable oils. Vegetable glycerine is alcohol which is colorless, odorless and has a sweet taste. It is non-toxic.
  2. Propylene glycol: The second major component of E-liquid Matee-juice is propylene glycol. In some e-liquids, the proportion of PG is higher as compare to VG. These are less viscous than VG. The main properties of PG are: it is odorless and has anti-freeze properties. PG is non-toxic. PG is a better carrier of flavors. Vapors produced by propylene glycol are less as compare to vegetable glycerine.
  3. Flavorings: An important component that is responsible for thousands of varieties of e-cigarettes is flavoring. E-juice present in electronic cigarettes contains flavor in them. It is because of these flavors that the user gets a fruity taste while vaping. One should be careful while selecting the flavors. It is advisable to use flavors which are provided by the companies themselves.
  4. Nicotine: The most effective substance of smoking and vaping is the presence of tobacco in them. Most of the e-cigs have nicotine in them. E-juice containing tobacco helps the user to satisfy their nicotine cravings. it causes throat hit.

Some e-juices may contain components other than the components mentioned above. These are coloring, vitamins, caffeine, and other supplements. It is always advisable to stick to the e-juices which have basic composition. In case, an individual selects an e-liquid which contains additional supplement, and then it is important to check for the inhalation safety of the additional components present in the e-juice.