Understanding the Benefits of Sunken Trampolines for Your Kids

Placing trampolines in the ground are a massive investment for a lot of families. Choosing the perfect one will provide people with a lot of years of worry-free enjoyable family fun. With a couple of different models available in the market today, we will take a closer look at new models and the advantages it has in store for you.

It’s a custom-designed sunken trampoline

A lot of these devices are just that, designed to be on the ground. Placing a conventional tramp into the ground is not recommended by a lot of experts unless people spend a vast amount of money on making sure that the put will last; even then, it is best if people buy a tramp that is designed for sunken installation.

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Cost factor

When shopping for a sunken tramp, it is imperative to weigh up the project’s cost and not just the cost of the product. Make sure to check the price of digging the pit, its reinforcement, as well as the drainage. With conventional in-ground devices, retaining the wall can cost homeowners a lot of money.

Not only that, making sure that the frame is not sitting in the water as the device sits at the bottom of the pit will also eat up the budget. Depending on the property’s soil, it can be very expensive to have the drainage at the required level. This device’s advantage is that its retaining walls are securely attached to the frame, and they are already included in its price.

That is why, if they are placed below, the soil around can be placed upon the frame, and no accidental cave-in will happen. The retaining wall is built of high-grade recycled plastics and is pretty safe compared to some manufacturers that use corrugated metal as an edging.

Another advantage is that its frame can sit on the ledge 30 centimeters from the top of the hole, with the middle part being scooped out. It makes sure that the frame is not sitting in water, and the drainage solution doesn’t have to be very expensive; in some cases, soakaways will show.

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Digging the pit

As we mentioned in the cost factor, digging the pit will require little to no dirt to be carried away because of the ledge system, as well as not having to put reinforcements on its walls. Not only that, not having to make sure that the pit is free of water means that if the property owner uses machinery, they can install the tramp in a couple of hours instead of a couple of days with its above-ground counterpart.

Noise and safety pads

When property owners place this device in the ground, air can be trapped in the hole, and when kids jump on it, the pads will produce a slapping noise, and it can be pretty annoying in the long run. Sunken devices have specially designed pads that have vents to avoid noise being made. Other companies install tramps slightly above ground to prevent the noise from happening. It is a workaround for the problem instead of a solution that clients would be happy with.

Fun for the family

People can easier get into sunken trampolines UK since they are secured to the ground. They are no more struggling to climb into or up the tramps. Now, kids and adults can simply walk into it and start having fun. It means dad, mom, the kids, and even grandma and grandpa will have no problems getting into it. It means that everyone in the family can have fun together.


Peace of mind and safety

We all know that conventional trampolines are usually three feet high off the ground. That is a high distance to fall, whether the kid accidentally jumps off or rolls off the side and hits the ground. It is like jumping off the kitchen counter and landing head first. That is a scary thought. One of the best benefits of these tramps is that people cannot fall off of them.

It means that even if children jump high, they are still close to the ground. Not only that, but parents also have an alternative to install net enclosures for more protection and safety. So, parents will have their needed peace of mind while their children are playing outside.