Understanding FTTH and why it matters in broadband

FTTH broadband offers the highest speeds and smoothest data transmission. This article examines its benefits.

The Internet has made things much simpler in our lives. There is hardly any area of our lives today that is left untouched by the Internet. From powering our mobile phones to helping us pay utility bills, and from keeping us connected to the outside world to helping you finish work presentations and watch videos, the Internet helps you achieve many objectives.

But to all these things and more, you require a strong and speedy broadband connection. Whether you are at home or at work, fast Internet speeds ensure maximum productivity. You don’t want a connection that stutters all the time, and suddenly just goes off when you are surfing. We recommend getting an FTTH-based broadband connection for the best user experience.

What is FTTH?

The word ‘FTTH’ is an abbreviation of the term ‘Fibre To The Home’. It simply describes fiber optic broadband Internet connections and their allied technologies. Most broadband connections in India and around the world use copper wires in their cables, but fiber optics are found to be a better choice. This is because they are more durable and pliable than copper wires, and they offer higher speeds over longer distances of wiring.

In India, FTTH is offered by Airtel broadband which employs the radical new V-fibernet technology for fast speeds and constant uptime. It is the fastest broadband in India at the moment, and you would do well to upgrade your current connection to this one.

The benefits of V-fibernet FTTH broadband

Airtel offers V-fibernet technology, also known as V-fiber broadband, an FTTH-based service for superior speeds and almost zero downtime. With the V-fiber connection, you get astonishing speeds of 300 Mbps, which is way faster than the closest competition is able to provide. Besides the supremely fast speeds, you also get up to 99% uptime, which helps you work and surf endlessly without experiencing any lags. Your connection is always on, and this feature helps both major offices and homes powered by a lot of digital devices.

When you buy the Airtel V-fibernet connection, you also get other great benefits like, a free router with the connection, up to 100 Mbps immediate speed, and one-year free subscription to Amazon Prime.

Airtel’s V-fibernet plans are quite affordable, and you can check availability for your city by logging on to the Airtel website or the smartphone app.

Here’s a roundup of the Airtel FTTH V-fiber broadband connection:

  • Data between 100 GB to 1,200 GB, based on the plan you purchase
  • Data transmission speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Bonus data if you buy the plan before October 31, 2018
  • Data rollover on unused data every month
  • Unlimited STD and local calls
  • Always-on connectivity and continuous high signal strength
  • No downtime at any point, with efficient and robust fiber optic network
  • Great discounts on every plan rental offered by Airtel broadband in your city