Travel guide for first time travelers: Albania special

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Travelling is the most wonderful thing that everyone should do; it gives you a whole new experience of and knowledge as compared to books. There are so many things that you should see or alteast visit for even one time. One of those special places is Albania; however it’s a not so famous name in traveler’s list. It’s a small country in Balkans that shares its borders with Kosovo, Greece, the Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro. There are lots of things that you can feel, taste and see in Albania. Not only that but excluding all basic things, Albania have still lots of things to offer you. Here are some top points that will help you in knowing more about Albania and why you should make your next plan there?

Huge varieties in food, drink and sweets

Are you a food obsessed person? Then Albania has lots of things for you to taste that can make your mouth watered. Albanian cuisine is very spicy and tasty, there are so many things for non vegetarian lovers such as ferges, rosto-misalche-kosi, kukurech, tavë kosi etc. Albania is basically a place where you taste sweet, spicy and sour taste in their recipe. There are some sweet recipes like dolces and Shëndetli that taste like Devine. Albanian food recipes are already famous across the globe. If you are thinking that Albanian is not a place for a wine, than you are making a huge mistake. Raki can make you lose your control on yourself, it holds such a great taste and that’s why it’s a national drink of the country. If you are not that interested din alcohols than you can drink coffee and Turkish espresso, but they are really hard in taste as compare to normal drinks.

Place to visit in Albania

Albania is a country that still has its untouched and raw beauty. Still you can get all those simplicity and innocence that are lost somewhere in big cities. There are many other cities and town in Albania like Tirana, Kruja, Gjirokastra, shkodra etc. Tirana is also the capital and economical city of Albania. It is a live example of perfect combination of modern architecture and cultural values. Other than this, there are lots places like Dajti Ekspres, Rozafa Castle, Ksamil Village, National History Museum, Skanderbeg Square etc. You can say that there is everything that you need in a perfect and cozy vacation. Albania has so many places for visit, which you can’t even count.

What are the special attractions of Albania?

No matter where you are going, the first thing that you need is supportive people. Being a tourist, you don’t have so much idea about the places and the tradition. In Albania, the local people are kind and helpful. There are many tourists who shared their feelings after completing their tour in Albania, that the best things that they noticed is the people of Albania are sweet, simple and supportive. Not only that but also it is a cheap country, where you can spend your beautiful time without worrying about your pocket.