Which are the Top Books for Comedk

COMEDK entrance examination is held every year to take admission of students in about 150 engineering colleges in Karnataka that have COMEDK affiliation. In total, there are around 20,000 available for students to take admission through COMEDK UGET.

Since the seats are very limited, the competition is very intense, and this is exactly why the preparation of the students is the most important factor for the success in this exam. The first thing one needs to do is to have the full syllabus and prepare a study routine to complete each module well before the exam. One should have enough time for revision and practice test papers.

It is essential to have the top books for COMEDK for high chances of success in the very first attempt. The best books for the preparation of COMEDK are listed below, and they are enough for covering the entire syllabus from topic to topic.

NCERT Text Books – For the understanding of the basic concepts and covering major topics in the syllabus, you need to go through NCERT books and get a good grip on the subjects and individual chapters before proceeding further.

Physics –

Physics For Karnataka CET and COMEDK By Base – This is one of the best physics books to study once you are done with NCERT book. The entire syllabus will be covered including the topics that are not present in NCERT physics book. Apart from theory, you should take your time out to solve the questions at the end of each chapter rigorously.

Physics For Karnataka CET and COMEDK By S.Dasharathi and H.K Nagaraja – This book is similar to the above one, but some concepts are well explained in this book, and it comes with a few tricks. The question sets are different as well which will help a student to get exposure to different types of questions that may come in COMEDK.

Once you are done with your study part, you can buy the book Aptitude Problems in Physics by S.S. Krotov to apply the lessons you learned in the best possible way to check your preparation.

Chemistry –

Chemistry For Karnataka CET and COMEDK By Base – Once you are done with NCERT chemistry book and learned the basic concepts, you need to shift on to this book. There are various advanced concepts available, and the question sets are a must try to test your preparation. If there is a need, go for revision in weak areas and then solve the questions.

Chemistry For Karnataka CET and COMEDK By Dr. S Sonar Maruti H. and Y.K. Jayaramappa – This is one of the most popular books in chemistry among students appearing for COMEDK because of various tips and tricks available. Some concepts are explained in lucid terms and ideas.

If you are done with these two books well before time, you can go for IIT Chemistry by O.P. Aggarwal.

Mathematics –

Maths XI and XII by R.D. Sharma – Do not take too much time with NCERT Maths books. Once done, go for R.D Sharma’s books which are enough for full preparation of COMEDK as per the syllabus and topics.

Mathematics For Karnataka CET and COMEDK By Base – This is a must-try book for slightly advanced concepts, tips, and tricks to solve simple questions in no time. The more you practice in mathematics, the better you get.

Biology –

If you are sitting for medical examination of COMEDK, the following are the biology books that you must study.

Biology For Karnataka CET and COMEDK By Base – This is a complete book for the preparation of biology from topic to topic. The questions are tricky as well and will make you apply your knowledge in the best possible way.

Physics For Karnataka CET and COMEDK By R.V. Seshachalam – As a reference, you can keep this book to clarify any confusion that may arise from the previous book.

Finally, you need to buy the previous years’ question papers with solutions.

10 Years COMEDK Chapterwise Solutions by MTG Editorial Board is the perfect book to buy and try out all questions before appearing for the exam.