Tips to deal with Driving Anxiety

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The fear of driving or we can say that driving phobia the most familiar form of depression. It may range in extremity from reluctance to derive, where depression always dominate. Driving anxiety or driving phobia usually lead to an entire rejection to drive. Driving phobia is basically a powerless fear but it is illogical. Hence driving anxiety is known to be the most common fear among people. Consequently anxiety for driving leads to most common fight or flight reactions along with low blood sugar levels, faintness, confusion sweats in palms, high heart beating rate, sweating and so on. Definitely these are merely emotions of getting panic and getting distressed and such feelings are not long lasting. But these feelings can deadly and that’s the reason that most people refuse to drive in order to escape from such penetrating feelings. For more details kindly visit 

Below are mentioned some tips in order to overcome the fear for driving:


  • Learn driving basics


People having driving phobia must avoid driving when they are starving. Give your whole attention after having something to eat particularly those food items that are enriched in sugar like bakery items and having juices and soft drinks. However try to avoid using wines or alcohol as it disturbs your sugar level. Similarly you must have plenty of sleep before driving.


  • Go for some casual drive that won’t blow out your mind


For a casual drive simply sit on the driving seat of your car and start the car without getting panic. Go for a drive even in the neighborhood or about a vacant parks. What you have to do is merely get after the car wheels in approximate vacant place. What so ever you select continue to pursue it finally your depression and anxiety all settle down. After that, coming day repeat the same procedure you have gone through the previous day. In this way you get to know that you are not afraid at all. This is the time to go for the subsequent steps. Click for further information.


  • Raise the risks a bit 


If you are one of those who previously had accident while driving a car, then you might ask why to put myself again in that condition. In this situation, you recover what happened or what mistake are done at that time to conclude from past. If you don’t practice or try or want to remember that incident you might stay stuck for life time. In order to avoid this try some secure, calm and helpful driving experiences and at the end you will notice that your driving skills are getting better every single time.

Similarly if you worried about getting depressed again like previously then purposely create some false signs of getting anxiety while going for a drive but instead of having factual feelings of depression. Is not this sound absurd? But actually it really works for you. For instance have some more coffee than regular routine so you can experience nervous while driving. Likewise, hold your breath for some seconds to experience a bit of dizzy feeling instead of causing any danger to your health. 

In the same way if you are among those who got panic on highways, taking left turns, analogous parking and much more. Literally start experiencing such conditions at low risk to release your anxiety. You may experience analogous parking on silent streets. Similarly go for experiencing highway drive on weekends for one exit. 


  • Follow some precautions



  • Try to drive on slow track 
  • avoid driving when there is a time of rush traffic
  • Similarly try not to exceed the speed limits
  • Try to avoid alone
  • Always keep a water bottle with you

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