Tips to Lighten the Weight of Your Bags When Traveling

Let’s face it, carrying heavy bags is annoying, exhausting and sometimes even expensive.

Take off the weight of your shoulders and put your bags on a diet with this brief guide to lighten the weight of your luggage once and for all.

How simple can the life of a traveler be, carrying just a brief bag, the essential, a couple of kilos! But no, in general, we do not know what to bring, and we chose to empty the closet in our bags. We hope that after reading this article you do not fall into this temptation and you can enjoy a less stressful trip, with less weight to carry:

If it’s Available, Do Not Take it

Before going on a trip, take a few minutes to call the hotel, hostel or wherever you are staying and ask if they have towels, sheets, a hair dryer and all those things you do not want to carry in your leather duffle bag. If the answer is yes, under no circumstances should you carry these items in your luggage?


Is it winter? Take warm clothes. Is it summer? Wear light clothes. Do not carry things “just in case” that you will rarely use.

Combining Colors

Women are not the only ones who combine their clothes rigorously. Therefore, for people who do not leave anything left to chance, it is best to choose clothes with rather neutral colors: brown, white, black and pastel. Thus, everything will be combinable, and you will carry less.

Account For Important Things

Before packing, make a list of all the things you have, including the less important ones such as underwear, socks, hairbrush … It is also convenient to arrange the objects on a bed or armchair so that you have a complete vision. This way you will know with certainty what really matters more.

Small Things, Light Suitcases

The smallest and most insignificant things are responsible for much of the weight of baggage. That’s why, long before packing, he starts buying miniature versions of everyday things: shampoo, toothpaste, creams, sunscreen, insect repellent. If you do not get products in small versions, you can dose the ones you have in smaller bottles.