Tips for wrapping oddly shaped gifts

Gifts are always about the thought that has gone into picking them out and how a well-chosen present is perfectly suited to the recipient. It is an art to choose the perfect gift and for many people more time goes into the planning and hunting for the gift than goes into the actual trip to make the purchase. But all too often, when a gift has been specifically chosen it is not something conventional. This often means awkward or difficult shapes, or, in more simple terms, a gift that is very hard to wrap. So, having picked out the perfect gift, how do you complete the ensemble by wrapping it up in such a way that it doesn’t look like a dog’s breakfast or a horrible accident? Here are a few tips to help set you on the right path.

Plan ahead

If you recognize that your world beating gift is going to be an odd or awkward shape, then start to plan ahead. A simple solution is to find a place that sells clear gift boxes and invest in a few. The advantage here is that the box is a regular shape that makes it easy to wrap, while at the same time it is also clear, which means that as soon as the wrapping paper is removed the gift is visible and on show. But, having said that, if you can’t find a clear box then any box will do. A show box works well for instance. The point is that a box is both firm and regular shaped which means that even a novice wrapper should be able to cover it in paper.


If your perfect gift is very fiddly then look at marrying it with something else that not only compliments it from a gifting perspective but also from a wrapping perspective. For example, a special bottle of wine could be wrapped in or with a table cloth. Kitchen items might be paired with an apron. A set of beach bats and ball might be coupled with a nice towel. The point here is that there are ways to take the rough and irregular edges off the gift while adding value to the overall offering at the same time.


You could of course absolve yourself of the whole wrapping problem by picking the perfect gift and then having it delivered. This works best when buying for people in a different city or country, but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are so many options for shopping online these days that you can find almost any item you want on the internet. Most of these companies have relaxed return’s policies so you are covered in the event that the gift doesn’t work quite as well as anticipated. But the idea here is not to have the gift returned, it is simply to find a solution to not having to wrap a gift that is irregular shaped. And of course, outsourcing the wrapping entirely is a very convenient solution.