Think About Readability When Designing A Website

It could easily be said that many people forget to keep this in mind, but readability is a very important aspect when it comes to designing a website and making your customers interested from the start. However, if you do not have the time or you simply do not care about such things, you can always visit

Simply put, readability should be one of the top concerns when it comes to any design project. If the text on your homepage cannot be read, then why would users even continue browsing your website, when they might not even know what you offer? Good designers will give content in a way that it will be understandable since we all know that readability is a big part of comprehension.

Know your audience before you design your website

What is readability?

Before getting even deeper into readability, do you even know what that actually is? While readability is a big part of website design, you should know that readability and readable text are not quite the same things. If you are able to see what is written then that text is readable, of course. However, that does not mean that that text is necessarily easy to comprehend, which is what readability is.

Readability can be defined as the ease in which we can read the text in front of us. The key factor in the terms of readability here is the comprehension as well as the ability to look at it quickly while understanding what you are seeing.

This means that readability does not only include if the text is visible, it also includes the readability of the text, meaning how easy it is for average users to understand what you meant to say. This is something that every website designer needs to know already.

Line length

If you do not understand some of these terms or anything in general about site designing, you can always ask for help. A good site to visit that could help you with this is Now, as much as the meaning of the text should matter, you should also know how to properly format it as well.

You will attract more customers if you make your site available on different devices

For example, putting a block of text for the users to read that is too small with a big font does not mean it will be readable. When words break in two, that can cause a lot of frustration while reading, because it breaks the rhythm.

Space and contrast

While you should not narrow everything down in a small block of text, you should not make the space between the words and rows too big. This all comes down to personal preference, but just because you like it one way, does not mean that all of the users of your site will as well.

On the other hand, you should also pay attention to the contrast between the background and the text you have on that page. This is why the sites usually offer a white background since black text goes perfectly well with it, but that does not mean that you have to do that as well; just find the right contrast combination.

Final word

You should make it your goal to design a site and make it readable, or you should not design at all. But as it was mentioned, if you do not have the time or you just do not want to waste your time creating a website but you still need one, you can always hire somebody else who knows how to, to do this job for you.