Things That You Should Know About the best Mattresses

 Everyone would tell you that sleep is necessary to the body. However, some people are not getting enough sleep. Sometimes the reason for their lack of sleep is the mattress that they are using.

Some people disregard the quality of the type of mattress that they use. In most cases, these mattresses are life-savers to different ailments from back pains to insomnia. The mattress is one of the primary requirements for people to have a good night’s sleep.

  • Coir mattress
  • Spring mattress
  • Foam mattress
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Latex mattress

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattress is perfect for people that suffer body aches and back pain. However, memory foam mattresses are potentially harmful and dangerous for children. They can be inflammable. And they also have the tendency to release some toxic. Especially when the foam is new, it can produce an odd smell. It is a phenomenon called off-gassing.

Latex Mattresses

Of all mattresses, a latex mattress is the most expensive type. The good thing about using latex mattresses is the durability of the product. The life span expectancy for latex mattresses is up to 10 years.

A latex mattress has a synthetic vulcanized rubber material, so it makes the mattress solid. Also, the entire mattress is of the said material. A latex mattress is resistant to both bedbugs and dust mites.

However, the solid feature of the mattress can be a reason of few inconveniences. Since latex mattresses are heavier compared to other mattresses, rearranging, and even replacing the sheets can be an effort. Usually, a new mattress is fun to roll and lie down.

But for latex mattresses, it can be an inconvenience to the nasal because of how it smells. A newly bought latex mattress usually has a “latex smell.” Though the smell goes away after a while, it may be a bit annoying in the first few days.

Coir Mattresses

Coconut coir is the material used in Coir mattress. They are also healthy and eco-friendly. However, coir is hard by nature, so coir mattresses aren’t superior both in comfort and softness.

Coir Mattress vs. Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are famous for having an extraordinary ability on adapting to the pressure that comes from the body and to the body heat. The heat is the reason why the materials pressed out of shape. Also, the polyurethanes are affected as well.

Foam mattresses respond to the pressure rather than the heat. Also, because of this, heat interacts slower compared to the weight. So it is the cause of why the mattress will take longer in adapting and will take some time before it returns to its original shape. The same feature makes a person feel fresh upon waking up.

While in the care of coir mattress that is hard in nature. It will not fit with the body shape, and the creation of pressure points will block a good night sleep. Also, coir has a tendency of getting compressed especially when the body rests on it. After a period, the mattress doesn’t regain its original form which leads to sagging.

Spring Mattress vs. Foam Mattress

Small coils and springs are the materials used to make a spring mattress. Also, spring mattresses have a pretty cushion wrapper. The foam mattress has multiple layers of foam. When considering the prices, spring mattresses are cheaper than the foam mattresses.

The main difference between spring and foam mattress is that the spring mattress has bounced nature called motion transfer. This feature gives inconvenience if sleeping with a partner because when one moves, it affects the other. It can easily affect a person who is a light sleeper when they are using spring mattress. Foam mattress adjusts to the body and the heat of the body.


Other than the natural disturbance of our surroundings like the humidity of the weather, other factors contribute to our lack of sleep. Sometimes the one to blame for a not-so-good night sleep is the very thing that we lie upon, the mattress. Considering the type of mattress will help us achieve a peaceful sleep.

Since everyone has their preferences on the kind of mattress that fits their manner of sleep, it is better that they know their needs before purchasing one. From the pros and cons of spring, foam, memory, latex, and coir mattress a person can already choose the one that will fit their needs and wants.

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