Few things to check even if you are buying a certified used car

When buying a used car you will have to face a lot of risks, so it’s very important to be extra careful. Even if you are considering buying a certified used honda city in Bangalore, here are few points that you should keep in mind.

Do a self-analysis about the car

Even if the car you plan to buy has a good look and good reviews from certified people, make sure to do a self-analysis before taking the plunge. This is because all these certified inspectors are paid by that particular seller, and they will tell you whatever the seller wants you to hear. Sometimes it can even be a bunch of lies, so unless you want to get into trouble by believing their lies do a self-analysis.

Request for history reports

Before you buy a used car make sure you have access to all of its history reports. Even if a dealer says that they have history reports, but refuses to show them to you, then it’s safe to avoid that seller.

Once you get the history reports, carefully go through them. There might be some serious damages that have occurred to the car, mentioned between the lines that are hard to notice. So always remember to go through the small print as well.

Inspect and test drive

Even if the car looks so good so far, don’t forget to do few inspections before you buy. Sometimes this will add up an extra cost, but don’t hesitate to do this. Check for the odometer reading, engine performance, and engine sound when you inspect it.

In situations where you don’t know much about that particular car, take an experienced mechanic along with you for the inspection. Also don’t forget to test drive the car on a highway accelerating up to at least 120 km per hour to check its stability. Next test it on a sharp street corner to find out more about its controllability.