The Trending And Most Used Emojis And Their Meaning

We all use emojis to describe our feelings. Sometimes, emojis can also describe places, events, and more. The beauty of emojis is that they are so versatile that anyone can use them for any reason. All of these emojis allow us to feel understood and make others acknowledge our emotions.

You can use any emojis in any situation. Emojis are a cute and fun way to describe what we feel about any topic, condition, or person. There is no other unique way of conveying an emotion of love than narrating the future with emojis. You can even replace sentences with combinations of emojis and not use a single word at all.

Emojis are the modern version of emoticons and smiley. Technology has made a couple of leaps forward, and so did the old and basic symbol combinations of old smileys. Now, we even have emojis that reference pop culture. We will show you some of these popular emojis and their meanings.

Purple Heart Emoji

The heart emoji has a lot of variations. You can see that there is everything from a radiating heart emoji into a double heart emoji. You can also use different colors when it comes to heart emojis. You will find different heart variations such as purple heart emoji, green heart emoji, and more.

You can pick between a lot of variations and colors of the heart emoji. This way, you can convey your emotions of love in a lot of different ways. Safe to say, you will never run out of heart emojis to express your passion for a particular person, friend, or family member.

These heart emojis are the perfect emoticon to send a text message. You can also use these heart emojis on any social media platform. Make sure that your followers always associate you as the loving person that you are with the use of heart emojis!

100 Emoji

The 100 emoji has been around for quite some time now. This emoji came with the first wave of emojis. You can use the 100 emoji as a unique stamp of approval. Pop culture used the 100 emoji as a unique way to say “keep it real.” Make sure that people know you are 100 percent authentic with the use of the 100 emoji.

You can also use the 100 emoji in different day-to-day situations. What perfect way to brag about your test score online than posting a 100 emoji? The 100 emoji, otherwise known as the hundred points emoji, is the perfect way to express your pride or acceptance.

The hundred points emoji also made its way to Japan’s everyday life. Some teachers are now using the hundred points emoji as a stamp on their test scores. Talk about a fun and unique way to score your students’ tests, huh?

The Fire Emoji

The Fire emoji is a unique way of saying that something is hot. Now, hot can mean a thousand things in the modern world. You can use the Fire emoji to describe someone’s physique. Compliment that sexy person on Instagram a ton of Fire emojis so that they know you appreciate them.

The Fire Emoji can also serve as an emoji to describe particular gatherings. For example, you went to a party that was fun and lit. You can tweet about the party the next day and place your stamp of approval by using tons of fire emojis. The host of the party or event would appreciate your sentiments and validation.


Emojis are the modern way of describing our emotions in the digital world. What better way to finish your text or message than with the use of a fun and quirky emoji? Sometimes, you do not even have to use a single word. Key in an emoji combination, and people will have a clue of what you are talking about.