The Top Five Things People Forget to Do When Moving

Moving from one home to another is likely one of life’s most stressful events, in part because there are so many details to take care of before the moving day arrives. Most of us make lists so that we don’t forget anything but it seems as if no matter how hard we try, we still overlook something. According to moving experts, there are several things that many people forget to do before they move but the good news is that once you learn about these things, it becomes a lot easier to become prepared for the day of your move.

Top Five Things to Remember to Do

Although your “to do” list is likely going to be very long when you’re preparing for a big move, below are some of the most important items to tend to before that day arrives.

  1. One month before: cancel all your recurring charges such as gym memberships, mail-order medications, and even automatic shipments of products such as vitamins and skin care products.
  2. Two weeks before: contact your car insurance company and fill out a change-of-address form at the post office.
  3. One week before: get your finances in order by placing bills for your rent, mortgage, and telephone in a file box and placing them in order according to when the next bill is due so there are no surprises when you are trying to pay bills.
  4. One day before: snap pictures of your electronics and any other expensive items in case they are lost during the move; get your plants ready for the move as these are items that you are likely to have to carry with you; and pack up a “to go” box to take with you including items such as towels, sheets, paper plates, and toilet paper.
  5. Any time before the move: make sure you carry all important documents with you such as school and medical records, address books, and, of course, information on your new location such as the exact address and the bank and/or realtor’s contact information.

Of course, all these things go along with the assumption that you will be using a professional mover, which is always the best decision when you are moving from one home to another. If you are researching house removal companies, there are websites that allow you to find the best one for your needs by simply entering a few pieces of information into the website.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

When relocating, one piece of advice is the most valuable: do not wait until the last minute to do the things you need to do. Rushing around at the last minute trying to remember everything you need to do makes your move more stressful than it needs to be. Even though there are always going to be things you forget, it is best to plan ahead, make and revise your lists, and do what you need to do to remind yourself of the tasks that must be completed before, during, and after your move.