The Seller’s Guide to Grading Akoya Pearl Jewelry

The Akoya pearl is one of the highly preferred pearls today. It is farmed in Asia, specifically in China, Vietnam, and Japan. Japan is the number one producer of akoya. It specializes in producing the large variety of akoya with the size not smaller than 8 mm.

You can easily identify the akoya pearl. It has a perfectly round shape and a superb luster. It is usually white in color. It does take some time to harvest the pearl. It ranges between 12 months and 24 months, although some harvest the pearls in a six-month time. Those taking much time are known for their durability and unmatched beauty. Those harvested in six months’ time are not that durable. They also have nacre coating issues.

If you are going to check the value of the pearl, you have to check the A-AAA grading scale. Why? Well, it lets you explain the value factor of the pearl jewelry. It is helpful, especially when it comes to checking the quality of the surface and the luster. You can easily compare and contrast different pearls. The A-AAA is by far the easiest scale that can be used by clients. It is also the one easiest to understand.


There are many types of pearls. The Akoya pearl is known for its subtle and timeless beauty. A lot of women prefer Akoya over other types of pearls because of its grace and elegance. When buying pearl jewelry, be it Akoya or other types of pearls, you have to check the background and the value factor. That way, you will be able to make sure you are getting a pearl that is worth your money. Pearls are not cheap. They cost much and so you have to make sure you are getting the real thing.