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As you can guess, writing an effective text is not that simple. However, it is possible to draw up a list of rules that come to our rescue. So here is my list of tips for writing more effective texts.

  1. Choose the recipient

Establish precisely who you write for, that is, who the recipient of your message is. It is the first rule to write an effective text. If you know who you write, you will be able to choose the right language and tone.

  1. Choose the right information

Once the recipient of your communication has been established, choose the information you need. It is about selecting what can be useful to him. The rest leave it alone, otherwise you risk confusing your reader. In fact, writing an effective text also means deciding what to say and what to overlook.

  1. Organize the information

Once the information has been chosen, you must write a text in which they follow a clear, logical sequence for the reader. For this purpose, you can subdivide the text into sections, giving each of them a subtitle.

  1. Choose titles and subtitles useful to the reader

Writing an effective text also means choosing titles and subtitles that immediately make the reader understand what they are talking about.

How to write titles and subtitles that work? The rule to follow is this: write them clear, synthetic and precise. Now with the myadmissionsessay feedback perfect you can expect the best there.

  1. Make your text breathe

The “text wall” effect is the enemy of readability. Therefore, if you want to write an effective text, keep in mind a rule that comes from web writing, the texts divided into blocks of a few lines and well-spaced between them are very readable.

Of course, this rule is not always applicable in writing on paper, but the advice is to always consider it and use it whenever you can.

Keep in mind also that the lines of your texts must not be very long. Because readability increases as the length of text lines decreases. It is no coincidence that newspaper articles are spread over several columns. And pay attention to the line spacing : too narrow a line spacing is a mistake, because it lines up the lines. But it is also a mistake to write a text with a too large line spacing, because it makes the lines of the elements appear unrelated.

  1. Choose the alignment of the flag text

It is valid both on paper and on the web: to write an effective text, use the flag alignment on the left. It is easier to read than justified, especially on screen even if, when writing a long text for the paper, the justified is normally used.

  1. Choose the right font

The choice of typeface or font is fundamental for the graphic appearance of a text, because it influences its readability.