The Ontario Bucket List: Top 3 reasons to visit CN Tower

CN Tower is a strong set of emotions for some people who don’t seem to enjoy it over just one single view. Situated in Ontario, the tower is a long one and is visible over several kilometers. With its astonishing beauty mostly visible in the night time, the place is also a collection of well famous food restaurants and glass floors. But there exist a lot of reasons that make Toronto Tower much more of a simple tourist attraction on the line and millions of people around the world come to Ontario. Canada Lands Company is constantly striving for innovative ways to share the CN Tower with visitors from across Canada and beyond. Well, let us see the Ontario bucket list top 3 reasons to visit CN Tower.

The brilliant glass floors:

CN Tower is a very tall tower and you might be astonished to know that the floors are designed and developed with high precision performance glass. A lot of tourists are down on the line to see how these feel in walking on the right above as if walking on solid air. The floors are made of special fiberglass that are much more sturdy and strong compared to their other types.

The best reason to visit CN Tower stands out to be the glass floors that give the person a gist of walking on nothing. Well, if you fear, these are strong enough to handle the mass of over 10-15 large animals like a hippopotamus with over 2.5inches thickness that is even harder to break.

Night Lighting on the beautiful tower:

As per color controlled lights on the CN Tower that are embraced all over the years’ time, such beautiful lights on the tower aren’t anything complex or beautifully crafted. The strips of lights run into the full length of the tower, with a tower watch balcony also being wrapped with another.

The complete system is designed to enhance pure color lighting that is a complete delight to watch. Or even view, take brilliant night sight photographs from your smartphone or digital camera. As per December dates, the tower becomes blue and white color concentrated to occasionally celebrate the first day of winter, as previous was red and green, which looked much better.

As per visiting the CN Tower during winter, tons of festivals rock out on the bottom as part of the tourist attraction. Well, if you are a fan of those, this pretty much stands out as another bucket list of a single reason to visit CN Tower.

The brilliance of 360 Restaurants available in the Tower:

The love of food can bring a million visitors into the CN Tower for a small amount of time due to its incredible 360 restaurants, one after the other. Just like in Toronto and Ontario, there is the availability of world-class foods, snacks, desserts, and a strong range of deli items to choose from.

Not interested in such foods? The restaurants also come with world-class and finest international dishes that are hand made by Italian chefs. The enjoyment spreads over a length of 350m with both fresh cuisine, regional dishes, and any type of food you can dream of.