The most interesting Barbie fashion games for girls

Today you will become Barbie’s best friend! Together with Barbie, you will come to mega-cool parties, before this half a day choosing makeup, jewelry and outfits from the new collections of the world’s most famous designers! With Barbie you will go to spa salons, relax in the most expensive resorts, travel on luxury yachts, buy new cars to match your new handbag, bathe in diamonds and take Cleopatra’s bath! Also, you will be engaged in Barbie’s daily affairs, for example, morning jogging or cycling!

The decor of her apartments Barbie also entrusts you and is ready to payindecent amount of money for it! Barbie lives like in a fairy tale, feel the same goddess of this life. Transfer to the fairy world of Barbie and, playing, dream of all that Barbie has! Thoughts are material, and they will necessarily come true, and if you not only dream, but also regularly play luxury games with Barbie, your dreams will soon become a reality!

Manamonster website offers all little princess to try these Barbie fashion games:

  1. Barbie shopping

Today, Barbie goes to the game store for shopping. She wants to buy different clothes for herself and gifts for her favorite friends and the whole family. Barbie always liked to shop. In the game “Barbie shopping” you can help her in this. Choose for Barbie clothes that can give her shine and charm.Shopping in the game is a form of pastime, when girls and men all over the world go shopping. Often this happens in large shopping centers, where you can buy clothes, shoes, hats, gifts and cosmetics for all occasions.

  1. Barbie’s Fairytale Adventure

Most recently, the beautiful Barbie met one very rich guy. He arranges a ball in his castle, for which the entire elite of the country, as well as their families, will come. Barbie is very happy, because he invited her, too, but she does not know what should be dressed for such an event. Help the girl pick up a fabulous outfit in which she will be the most beautiful girl at the ball. Then help her to reach the castle, where the ball passes.