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The Best Instruments for Learning to Read Music

Liking instrumental and acoustic music often leads to wanting to learn how to play specific instruments. It may be, though, have no idea where to start.

The first step is to know and pick the instrument. Picking an instrument is easy, especially for adults. Most people choose an instrument to focus on, depending on their taste and preference in music.

Various music instruments lend themselves more effectively to help with reading music. Below are some of the instruments:


Most music beginners go for piano as their instrument for learning to read music. This is because the instrument is simple, fun and offers creative expression.

The keyboard may also be used instead of a piano. A piano has a total of 88 keys; 52 white keys and 36 black keys.

The piano was invented in 1770. After the invention, the instrument was actively used in traditional and popular music categories such as jazz and classical.

The piano is considered as one of the best musical instruments for beginners due to its versatility and abilities to change dynamics. Playing the piano can be a workout.

The instrument is considered to have both physical and physiological advantages to players of all ages. Introducing children to playing the piano helps them to develop perseverance, concentration and emotional expressions.

The piano is also known to be a relaxing and calming instrument, helping to relieve players from stress.

Instruments for Learning to Read Music

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The guitar is the second-best instrument after piano. This is true, especially for children. Just like the piano, the guitar is an easy instrument to learn.

Beginners have the added advantage of learning familiar songs quickly through their guitar lessons. Other than helping beginners to learn the basics of music, the guitar will help them to develop manual dexterity, making it easy for them to learn other instruments.

Bass guitars and electric guitars are among some of the easiest types of guitars to learn.

Drum Set

Drums are among the oldest instruments that are popular till date. There is an extensive range of sizes and shapes available. Drums are naturally played by being hit with various tools known as beaters.

Beaters can range from wire brushes to wooden strings to bare hands.

The design of drums can vary from one drum to another. Some drums are tunable, while others are non-tunable.

On hitting a drum, the membranes get stretched, thus producing sounds. The membranes are also known as the head. The head can either cover one or both sides of the hollow body, also known as the shell.

Playing the drums can be used to relieve disappointment, frustration and stress. Drumming is interactive as it requires both timing and coordination.


The ukulele is small in size, making it an ideal instrument for children to learn as their first musical instrument. The instrument is easy to learn. Beginners will need to learn a few chords, and within no time, they will be able to play familiar songs.

Unlike most instruments, the ukulele is a reasonably quiet instrument, giving the players a relaxing experience. It is also fun to listen to someone play the instrument.


Bongos might be your first favourite musical instrument if you are a fan of salsa music. Bongos were first used in Cuba; they are a combination of two drums.

This instrument is easier to learn as compared to a full drum set. However, players are likely to get the same satisfaction from playing either bongos or drum sets.

Bongos are a great way to introduce yourself to the drum world. Once you are familiar with bongos, you can then move on to other types of drums and percussions quickly.