The Best Beach Towns to Ride Electric Bikes

Some days you just need a vacation. Life has a way of staying busy and passing quickly, but slowing down and soaking in the beauty of the world can keep you grounded in the things that really matter. Whether you are looking for a place to relax, restore and explore for just a day, a weekend, or a whole week or more, beach towns along the ocean make wonderful vacation spots for cyclists.

Sausalito, CA

Laying just to the north of San Francisco, accessible by biking across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, is a small bay town called Sausalito. Vistas abound for gorgeous views of the bay. Restaurants offer a range of choices from burgers to sushi. When your visit is done and you’re exhausted, you may not have to ride your bike back: Even if you rented the bike in San Francisco, a newer service allows you to return the bike in Sausalito and take the ferry back. For some extra fun, consider reading a mystery set in Sausalito called The Fog Seller while you are there, as both the town and the ferry are immortalized in its story.

MacKerricher State Park in Fort Bragg, CA

For some family-friendly fun, consider a trip to MacKerricher State Park. From there, you may encounter a broad range of bird species, seals sighted off the coast, and whales, depending on the vantage point you choose and when you visit. Find electric tricycles for sale so you can hook up a bike stroller for your little ones and enjoy the three-mile scenic stretch the park has to offer cyclists. Stop for a picnic and watch the tides. Don’t forget binoculars and a camera to see and capture all the beauty of this coastline.

West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, CA

Load up your fat tire bike and head over to West Cliff Drive for casual biking along the sand. Bring a friend and a Frisbee for a mid-biking break on the beach. Stop along the wharf to watch whales and dolphins. It’s even a dog-friendly beach, so bring yours for the journey. This versatile beach near Monterey Bay has a lot to offer for a wide range of interests, from surfing to running and more. When you have had enough of exercise and sun, check out the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum to learn more about the area that some believe is one of the best places to surf in the country.

Seaside, FL

If you crave a quaint, small-town feel as you bike around, Seaside is a wonderful destination to visit. Founded only in the late 1900s, it has already made its way into popular media, such as the Cooking Channel and magazines, as a must-visit destination. It even served as the primary shooting location for The Truman Show (1998) starring Jim Carrey. Grab your beach cruiser electric bike and head out to ride around town, gliding along the white sandy beaches and visiting the friendly shops and restaurants that are within walking distance of residential neighborhoods.

In your day-to-day life, you may have a consistently packed schedule. Biking around beach towns could be just what you need to remind you how vast and varied the world is and how important it is to slow down and savor life.