The Best Asian Places To Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is one of the most famous festivals that has been celebrated throughout North America and Europe, with the United States being the most popular destination for Halloween celebrations. Some people celebrate it in a festive way, while others prefer to observe the holiday in a more meaningful manner of celebration by remembering the spirits of their deceased loved ones through a solemn prayer. Countries around the world have different cultures, traditions and in turn have different events and festivals to pay respect to the dead. However, Halloween has been gaining quiet some popularity in Asia, in the recent years. Some Asian countries try to incorporate the influence of the American pop culture to their Halloween celebrations while others follow their own traditions to remember the deceased. Here is a list of top Halloween destinations in Asia. Make sure you have added any one of the listed destinations when you plan a trip, this festive season.3

  • Hong Kong – Hong Kong follows the same tradition and cultural belief that the spirits of the deceased are believed to roam the earth on the day before November 1st and Halloween celebrations are taken place to guide the spirits back to their world. Hong Kong is home to different Halloween celebrations, first being the traditional Yue Lan – Festival of Hungry Ghosts where pictures of fruits or money are burned with the belief that these images will reach the spirits of the dead and provide comfort. The other Halloween is celebrated in American Style with the city boasting colourful costumes, numerous events, characterizations, decorations, and plenty of entertainment. Hong Kong is also home to one of the most famous Halloween festivals in Asia: Ocean Park Halloween festival, along with other attractions like Hong Kong Disneyland’s Halloween Celebrations, Disney Trick-or Treat, The Nightmare Experiment and Lan Kwai Fong Halloween Street Party.3
  1. Japan – Japan has its own version of Halloween called the Obon Festival. During this time, traditionally red coloured lanterns are lit and hung in every house and are placed afloat on rivers and boats as well. This is done to guide the spirits as to where their family might be found. The Japanese clean the memorial stones of their beloved deceased ancestors and prepare special dishes for the occasion. Unlike other countries, the Obon Festival in Japan is celebrated during the months of July/August. However, important cities like Tokyo have Halloween celebrations in October with pedestrians decked in the best Halloween costumes. The city boasts attractions like the unofficial Halloween street party at the famous Shibuya crossing and Halloween Horror Night in Universal Studios Japan.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Jakarta, Indonesia –Jakarta is one of the few Asian cities that have been caught up in the American Pop Halloween culture that has been growing gradually. There are numerous Halloween parties in the month of October. One can indulge in some fun activities and exciting trick-or-treat adventures. Some of the most famous Halloween events take place at the Gandaria City Mall. When travelling with kids, check out where to go on Halloween with kids.3
  • Seoul, Korea – Koreans also have their own traditional festival like Halloween called Chusok which takes place during the month of August. Families show respect to the deceased by visiting the tombs and offering food, drink and flowers. However, in some areas, Halloween is celebrated the American way in October including venues like Everland, Barrel, Maloney’s and Dillingers. Everland hosts the famous Halloween Horror Night with many attractions like parties, 3D shows, parades, costume play, scary activities and Halloween Spooks and Pranks.3
  • Taipei, Taiwan –Taipei has embraced the American culture inspired Halloween and although it is not a traditional Taiwanese holiday, Halloween boasts crazy costumes, fun night outs, dance parties and much more. The Halloween party in Taipei is getting bigger and better with each passing year, making it one of the trendiest parties in Asia. The top party venues include Red Theatre, Revolver, The Brass Monkey and the largest Halloween party called The Annual Halloween Massive held at the Taipei World Trade Center.3
  • Philippines – Philippines is another Asian destination with extravagant Halloween celebrations with trick-or-treating and horror movies being the norm during this time. The city offers various attractions for families with kids and adults as well to give them a complete Halloween experience, including events and attractions like treasure hunts, KidZania Manila’s Halloween and Boracay, the Philippines’ famed Party Island. Clubs and hotels come alive with spooky decorations and scary theme and costume parties. Philippines is one of the best destinations in Asia to have the real Halloween experience.