The 4 Things That You Check In Receiving Your Marked Card

Are you looking for marked cards? Chances are you are not alone. There is an increasing commodity of people finding these marked cards because it can be used for magic tricks, people can use this a leverage for their poker games and other card games and even used to track the cards activity or the game activity in order to track the rightful winner. If you want to buy one, there are so many online stores out there that selles marked cards and their accessories.

But the quality of the products is another question. The fact is that not all marked cards regardless of the type are high quality. There are marked cards out there that you can buy for cheap and sad to say during black Fridays and cyber Mondays, it’s hard to distinguish the high-quality product and the cheaper ones in terms of pricing. So if you don’t have any preferred brand yet, might as well just wait it out in order to get the best ones in the market. If you plan to find the most suitable marked poker cards, visit the link. If you do receive your card, make sure to check on the things mentioned below.

The cleanliness of the card: Your marked card should be pristine, no questions asked. This is a non-negotiable thing because marked cards are marked as to where its supposed to be marked, not having the perfect sets of cards that are pristine and clean will give an impression that the cards that you are using for your tricks are indeed marked and that can ruin your performance.

Tha marks: A marked card should have a clear mark. Because of that is the intention as to why its made in the first place. Unsuspecting people being tricked with marked cards will not see the difference between marked cards and any other cards because they don’t know the difference and don’t know where the marks are. But for the person that is using it, this should be as clear as day because this can potentially ruin a trick. The last thing you want is to ruin your performance because you failed to identify the marked card.

The Color: The funny thing is that marked cards should look the same as any other regular cards that are out there because the purpose is to trick. Having a holographic color scheme, discoloration or unusual color on the card might give your trick away. So if you receive sets of cards that have discoloration or a different color as described, have it replaced.

The life expectancy: Life expectancy will vary per user. But for manufacturers, for high-quality cards, it can last for 2 years before the flaws and before the breaking down process will take place. If the maker is using high-quality materials and the cards are used as intended and with care, it can last as intended. But if not, then it will show over time. This is the perfect example of “you get what you paid for ”.

Are you looking for a marked card? Did you just receive one? You may need to inspect it to make sure that you indeed have the best one out there. Mind you that marked cards are more costly than the average card decks, so getting one that is perfect or in pristine condition is a must. For the best ones, check out