According to the ezTalks study “Mobile workers believe video collaboration improves teamwork”, two-thirds of the world’s population works in places other than the office, and in this context, the study explores the future of work and the impact that technology has and will have Both in employees and in the face-to-face culture of many companies.

The analysis highlights that working from anywhere increases employee performance by 98%, and that 90% of them believe that video helps improve relationships and teamwork. “With the creation of high-speed broadband networks around the world, technology offers employees the freedom to do their jobs as they please, without To import where they are and to be able to maintain the relation with the companions “. He also adds that “flexibility is becoming the norm. Employees are waiting for it and entrepreneurs must establish flexible working policies to attract and retain their best talent. ” In addition, Zi Ning Chong, a research analyst, believes that “governments and companies are making big changes to stay competitive in the digital age, and for this reason, new technologies and the adoption of new work styles More flexible are key to current and future environments. “

How will new technologies transform workspaces?

The entry into the labor market of new generations and the consolidation of new technologies such as videoconferencing will change what we now call office. Not We are talking about a disappearance but a transformation and a change in the way of interacting. Teleworking can partially empty offices but employees will still have the same communication needs as if they were in it. In this scenario, the video call becomes an essential tool to improve the relationship between distant employees, since it allows you to interact with colleagues and superiors at any time and place, with only an Internet connection. Zi Ning adds that “new technologies such as video collaboration are changing the way we work and live, impacting from the design of the workspace to the corporate culture. The growth in the demand for telecommuting means that companies will have to find ways to train employees with very different experiences and tools, ensuring that they can collaborate effectively to boost productivity. “

The importance of having a professional video conference system

As we have seen, the video will gain ground in the companies but for this it is necessary that the contracted system is specially designed for professional use and offers the standards of quality and service adapted to their needs. ezTalks Meetings professional video conferencing service, which already has more than 20,000 users, enables online meetings with HD quality from anywhere and with all types of devices, thus providing the quality and speed that workers need . In addition, ezTalks Meeting offers services specially designed for the company, of whatever size, does not require the purchase of equipment since it is a service in the cloud and has an expert and specialized support that supports the user in the use of the service.