Take Advantage Of Car Paint Protection – Read Now!

Well if you have bought a brand new car and you’re flattering the showroom gloss. But are you confuse to maintain or don’t know about how to protect car paint gloss retain it?

When the matter of your vehicle paint and keep that new look for longer then you need to know about car paint protection.

Some small but important tips here will do about calming you on how dynamic car paint protection is to the mechanical well-being and aesthetic health of your lovely car. 

The NASIOL ZR53 is a nano ceramic car paint protection coat that protects car paint from harmful environmental effects such as acid rain, sunburns, bird droppings. The nano ceramic paint also protects the car paint from scratches and the bad washing methods.

Nasiol ZR53 is applied on the car body, bumpers and the plastic trims. It is an easy one step application process that guarantees a 3 year nano ceramic car paint protection. The unique technology used in making Nasiol ZR53, enables it to get a thick coating which is effective in protecting the car paint.

Surfaces that are coated with the Nasiol ZR53 are highly-hydrophobic resulting to an easy clean of the car. The ceramic paint offers car paint protection from water, mud, dust and grease which tend to stick to the body of the car by making the surface of the car smooth that they slide off easily.

Its unique technology makes the car stay cleaner and the car paint is always shining giving it a fresh look. Nasiol ZR53 achieves car paint protection by crystallizing at the nano level once applied to the body of the car. This gives it an edge over other ceramic coatings that are used in car paint protection.

The nano ceramic protection paint has a two layer coating process which makes it a very efficient car paint protection ceramic. Once applied, it does not harden completely; instead, it forms two layers on the car paint. The bottom layer is soft while the top layer is hard; this technique ensures maximum resistance as well as elasticity that is superior to other ceramic coatings.