Symptoms of stress when it is no longer sharp and becomes chronic

As we can see, whenever the stress responses are repeated very frequently or intensely, or for an extended period of time (chronic stress), the body will find it difficult to recover and the physical and psychological disorders associated.

It is in these situations when the body feels threatened and stress begins, the first thing that occurs is the increase of the cardiac activity, in order to pump more blood to the muscles of the legs and to be able to run away. If for one reason or another, this happens continuously and every day, the dysfunction can become chronic; and for a person who is predisposed to suffer from heart problems, it can even be fatal.

The problem is exacerbated when the nervous system identifies the situation as dangerous and without a possibility of a solution. That is, when the person thinks that the situation has no way out, that there is no solution to their problems, he perceives that he is lost, that he has no control, that the same situation repeats itself over and over but feels unable to solve. .. At that time the efficiency of the immune system decreases and the person is much more vulnerable to diseases, causing allergies, serious infections, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation and muscle injuries, cardiovascular injuries … There are signs that stress causes us to grow old before. It has been proven, for example, that women who have children with a serious illness, their white blood cells have a greater aging process than in healthy women in which appears 10 years later. “This could mean that living a stressed life could cost us a few years to live.”

The latest research has also shown how a high responsibility and a great deal of work are not factors in themselves, causing stress because situations that are very stressful for some can be very pleasant, very rewarding, very exciting and authentic challenges for others. It is not, therefore, an executive matter, but it can happen to any person and at any level. It has been shown that it is the lack of perception of control over everyday situations that most affect health.

Situations such as seeing that you do not get to the end of the month, have no decision power, be unable to change a situation due to lack of skills, experiences of stress at work or at home, uncertainty about the future, not knowing what will happen later to marry or to be born or to lose a child, after losing a job, after a separation, anticipate continuous problems and ultimately perceive the lack of control … are especially damaging issues.

It would be interesting to stop a bit and ask ourselves. Do I have a healthy stress level? Is it a level that helps me do my job better? Or have I crossed over? Reducing the situation to a simple “I’m stressed” makes many people overlook the alarm signals that appear throughout the body. These can take the form of headaches, muscle or stomach pains; but also irritability, memory problems, lack of concentration and exhaustion among many other manifestations.

Stressful situations can be classified according to 3 categories:

  • Small setbacks are small things, temporary situations that cause significant stress. Examples are: the loss of an object, a flat tire, missing the bus or having a traffic ticket, a poor note of the children, a child who does not behave as we would like, a family discussion or with the classmates work, something we would like to achieve and we have not succeeded …
  • Major changes in life include both positive and negative events. Examples of positive events include a marriage, a graduation, starting a business or a job, the birth of a child … As for the negatives, the death of a loved one, the loss of work, a separation, the struggle for custody of children, moving to caring for the elderly …
  • Among the continuous problems are stressful situations as problems of couple, family, work, and stay in unemployment with an accumulation of debts, personal illness or a family…

The difficulty in detecting the first signs of stress and “deactivating” them to prevent damage to the organism is, in modern society, more and more habitual. One of the main reasons is that we have gradually become accustomed to a pace so fast that we consider it completely normal, routine and essential to continue to maintain our lifestyle. The stress responses we give to certain situations are sometimes “totally maladaptive” and especially when the response we give to a specific situation does not require such a high level of activation, which undoubtedly interferes with the response is given since the level of activation continues to be maintained despite the fact that the stressful situation has disappeared (we are still not disconnected even when it is no longer necessary). One more natural product you can add to your list is Tongkat Ali 100:1 supplements. It enhance hormone functions to find easier to lose excess weight and maintain your desired body weight.