Spells to bring your ex back

Sometimes, we regret our decisions towards certain people; very often, our decisions influence our whole life. Have you ever love someone so deeply that you forgot everything? Have you ever felt a deep connection with someone? Do you want this person back? If you miss your ex-lover, the magic spells could help you to return your beloved one. With the following spells you are going to return your ex in few days for permanently. Nowadays, there are lots of spell books, where you could find many love spell, but here are some of the most simple and powerful spells. The first love spell is, probably, the easiest and the most effective. First of all, sit in a comfortable position and clear your mind from all negative thoughts and concentrate on your breathe. Light the candle and visualize your desired outcome as it already happened. Allow your candle to burn down and while it’s burning, spell the following words:


“Bring back the love, the one I know,

As he returns, our love will grow,

Universe, please bring him back to me,

I know he will come back in the future”

This spell will work as long as you don’t have bad intentions.

For the second love spell you ought to use a photo of you and your lover. At midnight, light the white candle and try to place it as close as possible to yourself. Put two drops of your tears on your picture and then on the picture of your beloved. Then apply a heart on your beloved’s face and spell: “I love having you because I feel that you need me as I need you, for the love that we had, I wish our love to reborn”. After that, leave the candles to lit until they burn downand visualize you beloved coming back to you.

For a longer list of free spells just search the internet, there are many sites offering a wide range.

The third love spell is better to perform on a new moon – the phases of the Moon are very important,because each of the phases has different power towards the spell, and the new moon is the best for putting love spells. Repeat it every day for two full weeks: take three candles and write your beloved’s name on it – then put them in a triangle and light the candles on, while saying:

“In your mind I have invaded

See this scene which I created

I feel sad and sometimes blue.

Take this image which is meant for you

Sleep tonight an infected dream,

Dream of me being there with you

Within my arms I hold you.

Accept me in your mind tonight,

So mote it be.”

After performing the spell, meditate for some time and then blow off all the candles. It is better to hide them in a place, where no one could find the candles or among your personal belongings. Try to be always optimistic and never doubt your spell. If you feel that something went wrong, go back and perform the spell again. Instead of doing it alone, many people opt for professional spell casters and psychics. If it is your case, try to find the one who will match your purpose. For example, if you want to attract your ex beloved, search for the spell caster who specialized in love spells. For your knowledge, the spell casters might perform only one type of magic; if the spell caster performs all types of magic, he/she is fraudulent and his/her main purpose is only gaining the money. It’s very important to know how to distinguish the real spell caster, because it would protect you from disappointments in the future.