Some small living room ideas with a fireplace that you may not have thought of

Arrangements are a crucial task that homeowners need to address in dealing with a small living room. The approach involves identifying the necessary items to include and using the fireplace as the focal point of the room. Most homeowners, however, struggle with choosing the appropriate idea. The following suggestions can help you design your small living room with a fireplace.

Visualize sofa and chair arrangements

Experimenting on chair and sofa arrangements is one of the Small Living Room Ideas With A Fireplace you need to consider. It involves creating a layout of how you wish to place seating furniture in the room. Since you aim to emphasize your fireplace, make sure that you place chairs and tables point towards the location. Planning on the setup can help create a cozy feeling without feeling disorderly.

Balance the use of shelves

Another way to accentuate your small living room is creating the balance between closed and open shelves. These serve as storage space for items you seek to include and/or display in the space. You can use covered storage to include books, accessories, and other relevant objects you need. For open shelves, make sure to display items that complement your theme. Another viable suggestion is to allow open vacant or open spaces. Creating space in-between open shelves is visually appealing.

Make use of lighting

The effective use of lighting is another small living room ideas with a fireplace you should implement. While overhead lighting can offer a practical way to illuminate the space, there are better alternatives that can help stimulate a relaxed environment. For instance, you can include lamps in different areas of the room. Another example is creating ambient lighting for specific parts to emphasize an object or piece. All these adjustments create a specific vibe to your space.

Design and decorate walls

You can also further create the theme you want with your small living room by designing or decorating your walls. The approach features going beyond paint and creating ways to add décor, painting, or mirrors to connect with your objective. For instance, painting adds a layer of sophistication to the room while decors can feature your collection. Make sure to have ample spacing in-between items to prevent creating a cluttered feel.

Create a clutter area

Lastly, you can add a clutter area in the room where you can place items and stuff. Your objective as a designer is to create a specific space where you can store all these objects and keep your small living room space tidy and clutter free. In the area, you should include different storage items to help organize stuff. These include basket, trays, shelves, and hooks. You can also have covered storage to handle bigger items.

The Bottom Line

The points above can help you plan and design your small living room. By focusing on arrangements, you get the chance to highlight your fireplace. Also, improving lighting, wall design, and storage space can create a comfortable vibe and help you relax in the space. Like any activity, make sure to experiment and find the perfect fit that matches your lifestyle and needs.
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