An imposing stone on the ring finger? Not every woman has a striking model, the ideal idea for the ring on the finger – because it does not suit her taste or because the ring is to be worn daily on different occasions. A woman quickly senses when she feels “disguised” with a ring.

This is especially true for ladies who wear very little jewelry in everyday life. Simple engagement rings are exactly the right choice here. With their minimalist design, simple engagement rings focus on one particularity – the refined setting, the (colored) gemstone or the precious metal. So only a high-quality material can turn a noble but simple engagement ring into something very special.

Simple does not mean unadorned

Most simple engagement rings are a more classic appearance – a narrow ring with no or subtle stone trimming. Without multicolor or joints. Not too wide, not too lush. This looks timeless and can be combined with many jewelry and clothing styles. Not without reason, the motto for many people is: less is more! Another advantage of the Custom Engagement Rings, which should not be forgotten: it can be worn after the wedding in addition to the wedding ring, without too much jewelry interferes with everyday tasks and work. However, a simple engagement ring does not have to be lacking in ornament and luster.

On the contrary, rings can be decorated with one or more small stones, sparkle all around, and yet delicately act on the finger. The material includes the usual precious metals such as white and yellow gold, rose gold or silver to choose from, in the common manifestations, dull or shiny. The decision is best inspired by the jewelry box of the partner and simply looks, which material outweighs and therefore like best.

But the engagement ring should not be too simple if it is to distinguish itself from the rest of the jewelry and stand out. At the same time the ring for Emerald Cut Diamonds engagement should still “air up” and not outshine the wedding ring. But what is simple and what is not, decides in the end of your own taste. Find an individual engagement ring that matches the character of your partner. You are also welcome to contact us. We advise you personally.

More beautiful if the finish, purity, and color are higher.

With two engagement rings with stones in the same quality, of course, the larger diamond is considerably more valuable. For example, a two carat diamond is usually more than twice as expensive as a carat. It is rare that large stones are also very high quality in the other features, so these are the more expensive.

Beware: there are also dubious dealers who grind stones so that a higher carat weight is achieved, although the stone thereby loses beauty and quality.

Engagement rings with diamonds: the cut

Engagement rings must be sumptuous? A thick diamond does not make a perfect engagement ring! And even the value of a diamond is not calculated solely on the size and color of the stone. Rather, it depends on the cut of the stone, because it ensures that the diamond really sparkles. How much a diamond is worth depends very much on how perfectly it is honed. A good finish ensures that the incident light is optimally reflected and makes the stone sparkle in all colors.

Whether one chooses a round or oval diamond as an engagement ring is up to personal taste. The shape, whether classic brilliant cut or trendy drop shape, says nothing about the value and price of a diamond ring.