Significance of Pre-workout Nutrition for Rapid Muscle Mass Growth

Gym goers and bodybuilders place great emphasis on making sure that post-workout nutrition is perfect. They purchase high quality protein shakes online using iHerb Singapore promo code.

According to research, pre-workout nutrition is also essential for fulfilling the goals of long term muscle building. Plan a sound regimen and follow it appropriately to experience dramatic visible gains in muscle mass and strength.

Importance of pre-workout nutrition

Obviously, with an empty stomach, your body starts to feel sluggish during training sessions. This can affect your performance. Fortunately, you may attain a little pump but without any realization that you are struggling with dual negative effect.

  1. Exercise routine on empty stomach depletes glycogen stores rapidly, which turns to hard earned muscle for energy.
  2. Running on improper pre-workout nutrition impact your strength capacity and intensity.

The consequence is muscle fibres cannot be stimulated to form tears in tissues and add to muscle mass. Ignoring pre-workout nutrition makes a lot of difference between gaining rock-solid muscle and lingering on obstinate growth plateau.

Pre-workout nutrition regimen includes two phases –

  1. Pre-workout meal – One to two hours prior training
  2. Pre-workout supplements – Half an hour before training

Pre-workout meals

In pre-workout meal, consume slow digesting carbohydrates that will sustain your body all through the training session. Consuming overabundance of carbs close to workout is not recommended because body gets inadequate time to metabolize food. It can cause stomach cramps. Consume 20 – 40gms of carb 1-2 hours prior training.

Fruit supplies quick energy, so bodybuilders suck oranges prior workouts. Fruits like apples and bananas are also rich in electrolytes and vitamin C.

Protein is the building block for new muscle mass development. So, consume whey protein shake to gain necessary amino acid for achieving positive nitrogen balance.

Pre-workout supplements

There is an array of pre-workout supplements available from iHerb USA online store. Make sure to select fast acting supplement, which gets absorbed in your bloodstream quickly to feel energizing results rapidly.