Selecting a Business Networking Group That’s Right for You

Nowadays there are many types of business networking classes and events available.  It is sometimes rather tricky to know which ones to join or move to; especially if you are new to business or just new to the idea of organised media. You just can’t go to all of them so you’ll require some  type of selection process and selection criteria. You can also check list of business networking group in Melbourne city.

First aspect you could look at is cost.

There are some completely free small business events around but frequently these aren’t specifically structured for media and it’ll be your responsibility to community without getting a nuisance – a tag not great for you or your company.  By the way, I define a nuisance networker as someone who only shows up at any event and gets right to selling whatever it is they have to offer to anyone they can latch onto. Please don’t do this. But when done properly, with a view to establish long-term business associations, there is not anything wrong with doing your own media at these company events and I would heartily suggest attending as many as possible to see how you get on.

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Another facet you could look at is construction.

Some networks are conducted is a very structured manner with minimal deviation to the applications.  Some also have compulsory citizenship and attendance requirements. Others are extremely casual and you need to work hard to prevent them being just social events.  The middle floor format should have adequate structure to ensure media happens but also some flexibility to permit a bit of variation on the day. Some offer “expert” speakers from within the membership and these can be extremely intriguing and provide decent exposure for those businesses that do it.  Obviously everybody has their own taste so, once again, try all of them out before you sign up.

One last aspect you could think about is the target audience

What company are you actually in?  What advantages do you offer and that needs those advantages?  Who would you need to be networking with? If you really need to be talking to business directors of large multi-national businesses then you might not find them at the regional networking events.  Go where your potential customers proceed. Some media formats will better suit transaction based businesses instead of consultancy suppliers and might not have the depth of referral policy you seek or desire.  Every new media group organisation differs and every host has different:

  • Styles
  • Contacts
  • Skills

Should you join a team, get to know your host and tell them your small business offering along with your target customers.  The host must help match you with your target customers at every function.

Take the time to decide on the right networking group that is Best practice network and event format for both you and your company.  You might even decide that two or more classes will better meet your requirements. It requires time and focus to gain the maximum benefit from media so make sure you are with people you really wish to spend this time with.

In summary, always keep in mind that media is only one tool in your toolkit.  But if used in the right way, it can be a really effective, enjoyable and profitable one.