Security Tools Offered with Perfect Money

Being concerned about safety is the way to prevent and avoid any fraud. You can never certain that your login password was not captured by hackers, and that you are the only person who knows this password. For that reason, the Perfect Money system presents several powerful and proven effects on security tools.

Security features

Because of Perfect Money’s security features perfect money hosting is believed to be the best way for hosting your website account. The many security features plus the ability to set up monthly payments that will pay automatically, offers great convenience for any account holder. 

Identity Check

An identity check is a tool that is used to check for the real owner of the Perfect Money account. It is a monitor for the Perfect Money system. It is not able to show the user’s face, but it id’s the computer used when accessing the account. If the monitor identifies a network that is unknown or an IP-address never before used to access the account, the Perfect money defense system blocks access to that account and sends out a PIN-code to the e-mail address on file.

SMS login

This is a security feature used to create a connection between a user’s account and a user’s mobile phone. Every time someone attempts to enter the user’s account, the system will send a confirmation code to the user’s phone. SMS authentication is one of the more advanced and reliable methods to protect any user against any unauthorized entry into their account. 

Code Card

The Perfect Money system provides a user with a security code card with the graphic image of the code e-mailed to the user. Every time the user makes any transaction, the security system will send a demand to use the code from a code card that is generated randomly. This Code card is just another security tool that is reliable and convenient and is used in many larger financial systems around the world.