Sectors using temporary kitchens to combat aftermath of a disaster

Temporary kitchens prove their utility best in those sectors where a large number of people are working together for a cause. They are actually away from any sort of conventional cafeterias or eateries that normally are a part of commercial space like office or manufacturing unit. Such places where it is not possible to maintain a brick and mortar kitchen, a temporary kitchen provides great relief.


Mobile kitchens for extraordinary situations

Extraordinary situations can arise anywhere, anytime without notice. Disaster, natural calamity or wars are some of the situations where a large number of people work to regain normalcy in the area. And to keep the working force functional, their food needs should be addressed; this is where a mobile kitchen proves its worth. Apart from serving food to the working population, it is also set up with an aim of feeding victims of such situations. Hence, these kitchens are used in sectors like:

  • Armed Forces: Armed forces when deployed to a remote location require staying in makeshift tents. Mobile kitchens are used in the camping areas for carrying out operations smoothly.
  • Disaster relief agencies: Rescue operation is one of the key activities of disaster relief agencies. Army personnel are deployed in large numbers in areas hit by drought, floods or earthquake. Industry approved mobile kitchens are organized in such areas to meet the food requirements of rescue teams.
  • Health Camps: When any epidemic hits an area, medical professionals in large numbers team up to fight the situation. These camps employ mobile kitchens experts to provide food to the teams of medical experts.


Apart from these unforeseen situations, there are planned set ups like correctional homes, corporate facilities, marketing activities etc where food is required to be prepared in large quantities in the mobile kitchens when the kitchen or mess is under repair.