Sandblasting Parts: Choices in Sandblasting Nozzles

People who have experience sandblasting know that the most important part of performing a quality sandblasting job is having the right equipment. The equipment needs to work in concert with the technique of the operator to perform the best job possible. This means that people need to understand the different sandblasting parts available to ensure that the right part is used for the right job. When it comes to the durability of sandblasting, the nozzle tip is the first part that wears out. This is because the piece is exposed to a large amount of high-velocity abrasive. There are several different nozzle tips to choose from. Some of the features of the various nozzles are discussed below.Related image

  1. A Ball Valve Nozzle

One of the basic types of nozzles is called a ball valve nozzle. This nozzle uses a ball valve that is located in the nozzle that is used to block the flow of abrasive to turn the nozzle off. When the abrasive is turned on, the ball valve moves out of the way. This is the perfect nozzle for people who are looking to save money. In addition, it is a simple design that is great for people who are still learning how to use a sandblaster. For people that are working on long-term projects, this nozzle isn’t the best option because it wears out quickly. Furthermore, there is no in-between setting. The nozzle is either on or off. For people looking to perform delicate work, this might not be the best option.

  1. A Foot Controlled Nozzle

A foot controlled nozzle is defined in its name. This nozzle is an open nozzle that is operated using a foot switch. The foot switch provides a significant advantage because people can use both hands to gently control the flow of abrasive out of the tip. The operator can control the on and off process with the foot pedal. On the other hand, this nozzle is expensive and requires an impressive air supply to operate appropriately. Because the foot pedal is farther from the nozzle than the typical nozzle, the shut-off process lags by a few seconds. For people that are looking for additional freedom with their hands, this is a great option.

  1. A Variable Flow Trigger Nozzle

For people looking to invest in a nozzle with a number of advanced features, this nozzle is the one to go with. This nozzle comes with a large number of setting to control the flow rate, width, and even the amount of abrasive depending on the features of the variable flow nozzle. The operator can control its features with an intuitive hand trigger. Unfortunately, people need to replace the tubing regularly and people can fatigue their hand trying to control the features. It is also expensive; however, people performing delicate work might find this nozzle worth the investment.