Safety Tips For The First Time Solo Traveler

Travelling alone is one of the best steps one can take for an ultimate experience. The world outside is a bit scary, but this world can teach us a lot while we are travelling alone. So, solo travelling is an exciting way to learn about new cultures, places and people.

We can gain a lot of amazing and rewarding experiences. A wanderlust soul, however, needs to follow some safety tips while travelling solo to ensure that everything is in order. Here are some safety tips if you are going to travel solo for the first time in your life:

The first, and foremost thing you should do before travelling solo is to get a travel insurance. There are many people who just get so busy with their itinerary that they miss taking this step. But if you don’t have it, go for it! Not just for your life, it can help you safeguard your luggage, and save bucks if your flight gets cancelled.

  • Where to Go?

You can choose to go to a place where you think you would be comfortable. Explore the place, its culture, food, climate and everything. This will help you figure out the comfort level that you can have. There are places that are good to visit when we we know a bit about it, so it’s good to research well before you choose a place to travel to. Choose a city that you find is safe. Along with this, pick the one that is in your budget. Lonavala is also a good place to travel solo, and you can book resorts in Lonavala at a very low cost.

  • No to Electronics

Travelling solo is not about carrying a DSLR with you. We would like to tell you that it is not required. Your phone can take beautiful pictures. Hanging around with heavy electronic items and thinking of the safety of these valuables all the time can slow down your travelling. Carry your phone with you while you are out, however, you can keep your laptop and other accessories in your hotel room.

  • Walk with Your Head Up

Walking confidently show that you know where you are going, and present you as an alert person. Just walk with your head up, however, keep staring at the map on your phone in the new city. You can also choose to put in earphones and listen to the voice map guide. This will be a good option as you would be able to see the surroundings and observe.

  • Travel Group

You can also choose to join a travel group if it feels safe. This group can turn to be your great friend. This way you won’t have to look for the right path to walk on!

  • Keep the Medicine

You don’t know when you can have allergies and infections being a first-time solo traveler. Carry common but important medicines with you for issues like cold, fever, and nausea. This will help you save time in seeking medicine when you are sick.

  • Stay in Touch

One of the best tips is to stay in touch with your friends and family. Give them details of itineraries and hotel reservations so that in case you are stuck somewhere, they can help you. You can choose any form of communication such as WhatsApp, Facebook or call but stay connected!

Now you know how to keep yourself safe while you are travelling solo, you can pick Lonavala as your destination for solo travel and book resorts in Lonavala online saving your time and money. Also, keep these tips in mind even when you are travelling with friends or family. There are also many safety apps that you can download and avail the benefits. So, travel well and be safe!