Rocky and Sandy Beaches in the East of Malta

East beaches of Malta

Malta as a miniature island has only too many beaches to offer. How to choose which ones to visit? If you are staying on the east side of Malta, there is no need to travel for an extraordinary beach experience.This article will guide you through the best sandy and rocky beaches in east of Malta.

Ta’Xbiex Beach

Ta’Xbiex Beach is a safe rocky beach just a walking distance away from Gzira or Sliema. It’s a place of shallow waters and sand-free experience – perfect for a day at the beach with kids or friends.

Ta’Xbiex Beach is very popular with locals who bring their children for a daily swim,and it will fill up your heart with beautiful views of Valletta. The small, traditional, colourful Maltese boats travelling to and from Valletta will keep the eyes enthused.

If worried about going hungry on the spot- don’t be. Amazing food outlets stand just behind the beach offering all types of food and snacks. Thefood is so good- it’s famous. They won’t forget ice-cold drinks too.

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Sliema to St. Julian’s

Sliema beach is a very long rocky line going from Sliema to St. Julian’s. Perfect for those who liketo find a spot just for themselves and also convenient for those with children because transportation to Sliema beach could not be more easy –you can get there with your car, public transport or even by ferry from Valletta.

There are quite a few swimming spots in Sliema that provide easy access to the sea and are very safe for young children. Some spots have even been made shallow for parents’ convenience, so they won’t have to stress over their kids having a good time.

You also won’t have any problems with getting hungry or thirsty in Sliema since cafeterias, pubs, restaurants, take-away outlets, convenience shops and even big shopping malls are just off the beach, no matter which spot you choose.

Even if you have no plans to go to Sliema for a whole beach day it is still good to know that you can always catch a break when in a middle of the rush and just dip into refreshing blue sea. A beach in a busy city is more than a simple benefit.

Balluta Bay

Balluta Bay is a unique and interesting type of beach. Unique to Malta, the beach itself is made of huge rock stairs. Each of the stairs are wide enough to place your towel and lie down.What an amazing publicengineering choice!

The strange thing is that although the beach is marked as rockybecause of the steps-based sunbathing area, the bottom of the sea is just pure, white sand. So even though tanning could be a bit rocky, swimming will definitely bring only comfort and joy!

Not to mention that Balluta Bay is surrounded by cafeterias and bars, so every query for convenience may be answered pretty fast. This child-friendly beach guaranteesa different yet mostextraordinary funexperience forthe whole family.

St. George’s Bay

St. George’s Bay in the very heart of St. Julian’sis an excellent choice for those who’ll be staying at a hotel in the East and will be too lazy to take a trip to a faraway beach. Small and cosy, this sandy beach will offer anything you may ever ask a beach to offer.

If you are travelling with young children,you won’t have to worry about sun burnssince deckchairs and umbrellas are available for hire at St. George’s Bay.Cold drinks and snacks are available just across the street, and there is a public convenience right there on the beach.

Keep in mind that St. Julian’s is a favourite place for young people to live an active night life. So, it’s expected to see groups of young girls and boys spending their day time at St. George’s Bay. If you are seeking some quiet family time, then it would be better to choose Balluta Bay or the Sliema shoreline.

Bahar ic-Caghaq

Rocky but very sweet Bahar ic-Caghaq beach is mostly popular in the circle of locals. It comes highly recommended – usually local people know what’s best! On a hot summer day, your kids will make friends with local children who are enjoying their three-month summer holidays at the beach. Local kids can teach your little ones how to catch shrimps or crabs or how to eat a freshly caught sea urchin. Can you believethey taste rather sweet?

Full facilities are around the beach if you need anything. This beach is even dog friendly. Bring your pets and let them refresh in the crystal clear blue sea with you. Catch waves and sun kisses in Bahar ic-Caghaq beach with your family and friends surrounded by the song of the sea and personal space.

Living in Malta

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