Why You Are Right To Sue Negligent Dog Owners

Summer is nearly here. It is a time for taking walks in the park and strolls down the sidewalk in your neighborhood. These are things you should be able to do without being attacked by a dog. Although most dog owners are responsible, there are a few who are negligent and care nothing for the fact that they put the public in danger.

If you have been bitten by a dog, you should explore your legal options.

Holding Negligent Dog Owners Accountable

You are not an enemy of dogs. You recognize that most of them are furry, cuddly little creatures that are friendly and harmless. But some are dangerous, and it is up to their owners to either keep them out of the way of the public or take proper precautions when they are around people.

The law is clear on this matter. If you have not threatened the person or trespassed the property of the owner, then you should not be attacked by their dog. No such animal attack can be considered minor. At the very least you will need to go to the emergency room and get stitches as well as anti-biotic treatment for rabies. A more severe attack will require an even more extensive procedure.

It is important for you to hold the owner accountable. Hiring a personal injury lawyer of the kind found at Cogburn Law Office is the first step to doing so. Such an attorney will allow you to build up a strong and solid case against the owner of the dog that bit you.

The Case To Be Proved

Nothing can be taken for granted in personal injury cases. Even if the evidence against the person you’re seeing seems overwhelming, it will mean nothing unless presented in a proper legal form. The facts surrounding the incident must be gathered, witness testimony must be collected, and everything must be linked to the relevant parts of law. Only an attorney who is specialized and experienced in personal injury law will be able to carry out such tasks. They are the only ones who can get you the victory you deserve.

Justice Is What You Want

You should not allow yourself to be talked out of pursuing this case. There may be those who say that no one is able to fully control their dog. This is a wrongheaded way of thinking. Every owner has the means and the responsibility to ensure that people are kept safe from an animal that bites.

Nor should you be enticed into accepting a small settlement from the lawyers or insurance company of the dog owner. Such a sum of money is not likely to make up for what you’ve had to pay in doctor bills, time out of work, and pain and suffering. Your lawyer will look at any settlement you’re offered and make a determination as to whether it is consistent with the sums offered in similar cases. If it isn’t, they will be ready to go to trial.