Reasons Why We Should All Limit the Amount of Carbs We Eat

Carbohydrate foods in our diet provide energy to our body in the form of sugar and glucose. Although it is a source of energy, high-carb diet also brings lots of health risks with it. An alternative way to provide energy to our body is through taking theketogenic diet. In this diet, the intake of fats is higher than protein and carbohydrate that our body uses as energy when consumption of carbohydrate is restricted. Here is how eating high-carb diets can affect your health.

Blocks fats from being used as energy:

When the diet you take is high on carbs, the body will burn carbohydrates to produce energy instead of burning fats. As a result, these fats would start accumulating in your body, and you wouldn’t be able to lose weight in such case. People who find it difficult to lose weight succeed through taking thelow-carb or ketogenic diet, as you’ll find at Let your body be in ketosis where it begins to rely on the body fats for energy. Itis considered as an effective way to lose weight as compared to the other diet plans where the intake of fats is restricted rather than carbohydrates.

Excessive insulin response:

All dietary carbohydrates result in high blood sugar level. Carbohydrates are dispersed into glucose molecules which then flow to the organs and muscles through the bloodstream. A high carb diet prompts the pancreas to excrete more insulin to deal with the excess sugar. Our body becomes resistant to the insulin that results in diabetes. Insulin stops our body to burn fat that is stored and promotes weight gain. Theketogenic diet can stabilize blood sugar level and prevent theexcess release of insulin. Stabilizing insulin level is possible only if you limit the amount of carb you eat.

Heart diseases and cancer risk:

Imbalanced insulin level and excess fats also lead to the heart disease and cancer. The presence of dietary carbohydrates lets the bacteria in our mouth flourish that can later cause inflammation and thickening of arterial walls. High-carb diet also increases the chance of breast and pancreatic cancer. Keto diet or low-carb diet can reduce hypertension that can be a risk factor for heart diseases. Don’t let your body accumulate excess fats in your body because it is root to all health risk. Restrict the amount of carb and let the fats in your body burn.

Cholesterol and blood pressure:

High-carb diet can also responsible for a higher cholesterol level in the body and cause the fluctuation in blood pressure. A keto diet has proved to improve the cholesterol level in our body. Highcarb and low-fat dietsdecreasethe level of HDL and increase LDL. It is somehow associated with the heart diseases as well. A study has shown that the diet containing fats and proteins iseffective than a diet contains carbs in reducing the risk of low cholesterol and high blood pressure. Only a moderate amount of carbohydrates is required to keep the cholesterol in control.


Some carbohydrates havea significant impact on our health. A diet high in carbs leads to the health risks such as low cholesterol, an increase in body weight, blood sugar, and heart diseases. You might find a keto diet hard in the beginning, but you will get used to it in just a couple of days. We recommend you to switch to a keto diet and limit the use of carb for a healthy life.