Randy Benderson – What Leaders Look For Most in Their Team

It does not matter what the goal is, whether it is the building of a commercial retail complex in Tampa Bay or a theme park project in Phoenix, at the lead of any project you need a competent leader.

Now some say a good leader is only as good as his team. Other say that you can tell the quality of a leader by looking at the quality of his team. Whether you believe either or both of these statements, what cannot be denied is a leader ad his team are tied together symbiotically and as one goes, so will the other. This may be news to the uninformed. But to those who lead, like Sarasota based Randy Benderson, it is common knowledge.

What this means is that quality team members must pick a winning leader in order to rack up wins, and a winning leader must also pick those team members that can play winning parts in leading the team to victories.

Picking winning team members takes time and patience both in deciding on the needed qualities and then finding those who possess these qualities. Finally the group has to perform their functions well and mix well as a team. Here are some qualities that each individual on the team including the leader must possess in order to win;


Here is a new scoop: if you want to accomplish something meaningful, it will take a superhuman effort and require you to work inhumane hours to get it done. You will have to sacrifice things that you love and be prepared to put in the work while others are enjoying the fruits of life. Often when we see interviews of winners they will talk about working for years to perfect the smallest details needed to insure victory. They never complain because they believe so much in the goal and their abilities. This tireless effort toward winning is infectious and propels the team through all of the hardships.

Not Afraid to Fail

When you set out on a great endeavor, there is sometimes a better than good chance that you will fail. This prospect can weaken the strongest warriors and cause mighty men to fold. But winners look these odds straight in the eye and take them on. If by chance they fail and they are able to try it again, they take on the challenge with the same level of enthusiasm as they did the first time even if they know the odds are still against them. They do this because they know that every failure gets them close to their victory, so there is no fear in a failure.


Plans are a necessary part of achieving any goal. But in many cases plans will only get you so far toward your goal. And you will find that no matter how well they are laid out, a small detail has been missed or some unforeseen circumstance emerges rendering the plan ineffective. This is why creativity is a fundamental quality needed by team members. During the times when the plan does not pan out, creativity can come to the rescue and get the team over the line. This ability to think on one’s feet is a very valuable and will often be the difference maker. So make sure the team consists of people who never allow a wall to stop them.