Questions to Ask Corona Property Management

If this is the first time you have looked for Corona property management, then you may feel a little bit overwhelmed with all the options that are out there. Indeed, there are hundreds of different types of property managers available, each offering different services and solutions, and all promising that they are definitely the best in the area. And then you have the option of managing your own property as well! Below are eight questions that you may want to ask a prospective property manager to give you an idea of just how good they actually are.

8 Questions to Ask a Corona Property Manager

  1. What type of experience do you have?

Finding out what type of properties the manager has worked with before, and how long they have been in the business of property manager, is very important. The more experience the better, obviously, but you will also find that the more experience someone has, the more they will usually charge. Hence, consider other factors as well.

  1. What type of tenant screening do you perform?

There are different tenant screening methods around, and different property managers will use different ones. Some will even expect you, as a landlord, to perform screening. Find out exactly what the property manager will do, and whether you feel that is sufficient to find the right tenant.

  1. How do you deal with late payments?

Once a tenant is in place, there is always a chance that they don’t pay their rent. Property management is also tenancy management, and you need to know what they will do for you if there is a problem. You also need to know how involved you will have to be with that.

  1. How do you deal with complaints?

Tenants often have complaints about their homes. You must build a landlord-tenant relationship, and this is less direct if you use a property manager. You need to know how complaints are managed and, again, how much involvement you will have with this.

  1. Do you perform house inspections?

It is common for house inspections to take place. How often this is done varies, however. Some do it at one month, three months, six months, and then yearly. Others do it much less frequently. Some announce them, others have unannounced checks as well. You must decide what makes you feel most comfortable.

  1. What will be the monthly rent?

Unless you have experience in this field, you may not know what a reasonable rent is. A good property manager should be able to calculate this for you, and show you their calculations.

  1. How will the listing be improved?

Having a rental property standing empty is incredibly costly. You need to make sure that your property manager will list it so that it is rented out as soon as possible.

  1. How much do you charge?

The last question you need to ask is what the price of your property manager is. Leave this till last, because all of the above is far more important.