Promoting Rap in the Digital Age

Daniel E Carpenter is an upcoming artist who was born and raised in Simsbury, Connecticut, United States. His family moved to Atlanta when he was aged 12 years.

Although Daniel E Carpenter may not have a godfather to push him to instant stardom, however, his music ‘Benistar’ is rocking music charts as rap music continues to be the preferred music. Daniel Carpenter is being coached by Dave Schlitzer who is the head of Fraud Records to promote Benistar and his other tracks.

Music Careers in the Digital Age

The purpose of music has not changed over the years which is for dance, entertaining, encourage, console, calm and promote creativity. Music usually provides a venue for individuals to express different emotions. However, with the advancement in technology, there is a lot that is going on in the music world.

In the past, artists had few forums of getting consumers to partake of their music including appearing on radio, appearing on television and doing live shows or performing at events. Also, in the past years, artists had to record and sell audio and video cassettes if a fan wanted to listen to a piece of certain music as many times as possible. All that is now history, as computers and smartphones have taken music to a different level, by making music available to consumers online. All a consumer needs is a good storage medium on their smartphones or computers, and they are good to go.

There is no better time to be a musician than now when everything related to music production is using advanced technology. Life has become much easier.

Worth noting is that only a few ancient systems of promoting music have been done away. For example recording music or videos on radio cassettes is quite ancient (though cassettes are becoming Hip in the UK again). However, live shows are still rocking the world. Music lovers get a totally different experience when they finally meet artists. Also, consumers still use radio and television to consume music.

Therefore, Live shows, are meet the fans tours which are still very impactful platforms for musicians to showcase their talents.

Further, online platforms apart from social media platforms are a must for musicians to use where experienced and professional music production companies will work hard to see the music of their talented artists enlisted. Such platforms include iTunes, Jango, Amazon, Soundcloud among other platforms.

Music Production and Promotion

Music production has gone to a different stage. Actually, it is very easy for a solo musician to produce music in the comfort of their home because computers and smartphones can record music and there are many other gadgets, advanced digital cameras and other devices like camcorders and external microphones which can help to enhance video audios. However, the people-element in every career especially music is very important because, at the end of the day, you will need that music to be consumed.

Music production also involves dance and performances, and change of scenes, to break the monotony which cannot be done by a solo-musician who may desire to be a music producer too. What’s more, music promotion is more complex than it appears and requires working with music industry experts to get the music to the target market.