A Profit Track System You Can Count on

One of the country’s most respected providers of vehicle service contracts is Accelerated Service International, or ASI. They ensure that they work together with agents and dealers alike to make sure they get the best service possible. One way in which they have achieved that is through their Profit Track system, which is part of their overall information technology strategy.

The strategy as a whole centers itself on making sure all distribution partners can seamlessly integrate with the company itself. Furthermore, the Profit Track system is empowering to the workforce as a whole, ensuring innovative new and flexible tools can be integrated when needed. Additionally, the system includes a full administration service, so that agents can shine in a highly competitive environment.

From the moment ASI launched, it has always placed a high value on proprietary information systems. Their ASI Profit Track is always in a state of development, so that it includes all the latest tools and technologies. It was originally launched in 2009, and it was quickly further developed so that it could operate fully on the web. In so doing, functionality was significantly improved, including in areas such as claim administration, contract enrollment, and external reporting. Another new feature now allows their customers to go online and access important data. ASI understands that the world is now very fast paced and that it requires electronic solutions that are fit for purpose in order to complete business. This is what Profit Track offers.

An Overview of Profit Track

One of the key issues of importance in Profit Track is that the system uses the same web based tools across the board. It doesn’t matter whether ASI personnel, a dealer, or an agent signs in, they all see the same things and access the same tools. In so doing, there is always full consistency in the results provided to clients, and reconciliation issues have been removed. Furthermore, error is minimized or even eliminated altogether.

All agents, dealers, back office employees, and F&I staff have access to the system. This means that they can share transaction data between each other. This is important for quotations, but also a range of other uses. When dealers access the ASI Profit Track system, they can do so online, using dealership controlled user IDs and passwords.

Highlights of the Profit Track System

  • It uses eRating to provide new business quotations.
  • All contracting issues can be completed through the eContracting function.
  • All sold contracts are self-invoicing and issues and cancellations can also be completed automatically. This stops a range of issues, problems, and errors from occurring.
  • Through the electronic process, adjusters can access all contract information in real time. This means that any claim can be handled, regardless of when and where it happens.
  • Dealers can use the web portal to report on any of their contracts.
  • Reinsurance reporting has been expanded.
  • All support is available in real time.

ASI is one of the only companies of its kind that has such a system in place.