Why is pewter great for tankard cup ?

Many handcrafted cups are made from pewter, a metal alloy, which is a mixture of tin, antimony, copper, bismuth, and silver. In the past, these cups were made using lead, but it has since been banned due to negative health repercussions. Notably, tin is a great metal and also the fourth most expensive metal after platinum. This metal alloy can be handcrafted in many different ways to give you amazing cup finishes. To make it more durable and strong, you can add a small amount of copper and antimony, and the resulting alloy is referred to as pewter. Below are things you should know about pewter.

Is pewter safe?
The modern pewter is safe to use since it is lead-free according to FDA. Pewter is, a very strong alloy and you can be guaranteed that it will not dissolve into your beer hence you should not be worried about swallowing sediments of antimony or copper alongside your drink. Notably, tin has been used to store food and drinks for many years starting from 1812 when it was used to coat the inner part of steel containers which were used for food storage.

The main reason for using tin coating is because it has to be in contact with food or drinks for a long period before making them dangerous for human consumption. On the other hand, copper is one of the dietary minerals which is necessary for human life.  However, the main reason for using copper when making pewter is because your body can get rid of excess copper even if it dissolves in your drink.

Finally, antimony is used in making pewter because it is not harmful and is also resistant to acidic corrosion. Notably, like most metals, pewter is not safe for microwave use, and it is recommendable to use a tankard cup for cold drinks only since pewter conducts heat and can burn your lips.

Why is Pewter great for tankards?

  • Pewter has been used for making tankards for many centuries, and even when porcelain replaced pewter plates, people still kept tankards in their homes and places of work which were used by the regulars. 
  • Since it can be finished in various ways, pewter is commonly referred to as the poor man’s silver, and it has an added advantage of not tarnishing like the real silver.
  • The durability of pewter, ease of cleaning, beer safety, and resistance to tarnish makes it the perfect choice for making tankard cups.

In a nutshell, pewter is an ideal alloy for making tankard due to its amazing characteristics. If you are looking for ideal cups for serving drinks, you should consider using tankards since you can get the desired design at an affordable cost.