Peter Loftin – All you need to know

Today, if one sits down to draw a list of the most eminent personalities in the US then it will be virtually impossible to complete the same without mentioning Peter Loftin – the much-revered businessman, known far and wide for his contributions to the society. So, who have we got here?

Who is Peter Loftin?

Peter Loftin’s tryst with eminence started with him helming Business Telecom Inc. He is the founder and former Chairman of that Board. He started making his presence felt in the Telecom industry only after the monopoly of Bell Telephony came to its end. It was only in the year 1983 that he went on to establish and lead (from the front) Raleigh- a Business Telecom Inc. based in North Carolina.

Significant Achievements and Contributions

With the quick expansion of America’s largest Telecom Company, Peter Loftin slowly started associating himself with significant charitable activities. Needless to mention, recognition in the form of awards started pouring in as well. Business North Carolina magazine hailed him as the “North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year”.

New Paradigm Resources, an independent research group ranked BTI as the 7th nationally competitive local carrier—which at that point of time raked in $400 million in annual revenues. Other important awards received by him included those from:

  • Miami Heat Family Foundation
  • BTI Center for Performing Arts
  • Raleigh Fire Marshal Honoree
  • National Historic Trust
  • American Red Cross Board of Governors

He has notably played an instrumental role in the transformation of the BTI Centre for Performing Arts (Raleigh, North Carolina) from “just” a venue to one of the largest most significant sites that existed between Washington D.C and Tampa.

How he contributed to the Society

It was in the year 2000 that he took over Casa Casuarina. His association with the particular place was shored up by his keen interest in arts. Peter Loftin later went on to donate the proceedings to help real estate events. He even went on to allow several charitable organizations to use Casa Casuarina for their activities.

Peter Loftin’s association with the American Red Cross in Washington DC is no less significant as well. He was part of the National Board of Governors there. Notably, along with Tommy Thompson (Secretary of Health and Human Services), Peter Loftin went on to render significant services during the unfortunate 9/11 attacks. Other illustrious boards of which Loftin was a part of are

  • The American Lung Association
  • Advisory Board of the Duke Heart Center at Duke University Medical Center
  • Founding Board Executive of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science
  • Council for Entrepreneurial Development
  • The Board of Directors of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

Rounding off, let us tell you that it would actually be difficult for us to summarize the achievements of a personality like Peter Loftin in a single discourse. We have humbly tried to document the “man” and his many achievements and contributions in this particular post. Hope it has been worth a read.