The Perfect Guide on How to Pick the Right Garage Door

Looking to update your home with a new garage door installation? You first need to consider your options. There are a few different types of garage doors that you can choose from.

Choosing The Material

When picking out a new garage door, you can choose from:

  • Steel: durable, can be painted to match your home. Can be dented and corrode.
  • Wood: choose from cedar, redwood, and fir. Can be stained or painted.
  • Aluminum frame: eliminate rust but are very easy to dent. Can be brushed or colored.
  • Fiberglass: less likely to dent or crack. Do not rust, but can be broken with impact.
  • Vinyl: kid-proof, hard to dent or break. Fewer color options than fiberglass, but they look similar.

The material you choose will affect the cost, look, and durability of your garage door. If you’re aiming for longevity, vinyl may be a good option. If you’re looking for a combination of looks and durability, fiberglass may work for you.

Steel is the most durable, but does rust, so keep that in mind. Wood is a great option for looks and overall durability, but the price tends to be higher. Finally, aluminum is lighter weight and typically affordable, but dents easy.

Types of Doors

After you pick the material, you can decide on sliding, fold-up, up-and-over, or roll-up.

The most common garage door is the kind that retracts upwards into the ceiling of your garage. However, folding doors can look nicer.

Garage Door Installation

When you decide on a garage door opener, it’s important to choose a quality brand and to also have it properly installed.  If the garage door/opener is not properly adjusted upon installation its longevity will be negatively affected.

Hiring a garage door professional to handle this installation process is definitely is worth the money.  Most garage door installers/repair services will also carry an inventory of high-quality products.

LiftMaster is a great option for garage door installation. The products are durable, dependable, and affordable. Installation is simple and they are built to last. Your garage door can be opened and shut smoothly, and they are meant for regular use.

The LiftMaster garage doors also come with various remote options, like in-garage controls, key-pad entry systems, and car buttons so that you can always get in and out with ease.

Garage Door Opener Repair

If you need your garage door opener repaired, LiftMaster products are an excellent choice for replacement. You can even use this opportunity to upgrade your system by installing a keyless entry system, smart control panel, internet gateway, or a new garage button.


There are a surprising amount of options when it comes to picking out a garage door. You can surely find one that will fit your budget and style.  When it comes to having it installed, make sure you go to a licensed company who knows what they’re doing. If you choose the right equipment, your garage door can last for years, even with daily opening and closing. The best garage door is one that fits your lifestyle, in looks, cost, and durability.

Some people prefer the look of wood, even though it may not be as durable as vinyl. Others will choose fiberglass because of the extensive amount of choices. No matter your choice, your garage door will certainly improve your home’s appearance and value.