NightLase – A Gentle, Safe and Comfortable Treatment for Snoring

Snoring is usually considered to be a matter to laugh at. However, it’s a pretty serious issue. It not only disturbs others’ sleep, but the snorer’s sleep too.

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A person who snores has something that’s coming in the way of free flow of air through his nose and mouth while he is asleep. This disturbance can even stop the snorer’s respiration.

So, you can imagine how dangerous snoring can be and it should be treated as soon as possible.

As such, there are various treatments available for snoring. However, the latest one is NightLase therapy which is a non-invasive and patient-friendly treatment considered highly helpful for improving the quality of a patient’s sleep.

Why Does a Person Snore?

To understand how the NightLase treatment works, it can be helpful to understand why a person snores.

Snoring can affect people of any age and is caused by various factors.

As mentioned earlier, snoring indicates that there is something obstructing the free air flow through the nose and mouth when the person is sleeping.

The hindrance is typically in the upper airway and may be caused by excess flappy tissue of throat or by soft palate.

The narrowing of the throat passage makes the adjacent tissues to vibrate, causing a rattling sound which is called snoring.

Other factors that cause snoring include sleep posture (especially sleeping on back), blocked or enlarged turbinates and medications.

Does Snoring Affect Health?

Snoring can cause some really serious issues, besides problems in your relationship with your spouse whose sleep may be disturbed due to your snoring.

Snoring doesn’t let you get a good night’s sleep which further can reduce focus and alertness.

Severe snoring may show the presence of sleep apnea which is a hazardous condition wherein the throat walls narrow during sleep, causing an interruption in normal breathing.

Sleep apnea can increase the risk of serious health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

NightLase – What is it?

Fontana’s NightLase is a non-surgical laser therapy for snoring as well as sleep apnea. It takes only 20 minutes and treats snoring by firming the collagen tissues of the soft palate.

The treatment doesn’t require anaesthesia and give instant results. It typically contains three treatments, performed over a period of three weeks, to get a long lasting freedom from snoring.

But most patients find that snoring is reduced just after the first treatment. You can get it done easily just like tummy tuck surgery Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne and can find immediate relief.

How does NightLase Work?

A powerful long pulsed Er: YAG laser is used in NightLase to treat snoring. The laser’s heat stimulates contraction of collagen in the tissues of oral mucosa and also strengthens it.

The tightening of the tissues of throat helps in opening up the airway on the backside of throat.

The energy of the laser is also capable of shrinking the soft palate. If snoring is caused by a floppy soft palate, NightLase will lessen the palate’s vibration and thus minimise snoring.

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Does it Cause Pain?

Nightlase Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is a gentle and comfortable treatment and doesn’t cause pain. Only a mild warm feeling is experienced during the procedure by most patients.

Recovery Time

The fact that NightLase has no downtime unlike a surgery makes it a remarkable treatment for snoring.

Thus you can just walk in the doctor’s clinic, get the procedure done and immediately return to your normal life.

Side Effects

Except a minor sore throat in some cases that often resolves within a few days, NightLase has no side effects.

So, if you are tired of the negative impact of snoring on your sleep and overall life, or if it is increasing your risk of sleep apnea, get NightLase and live a comfortable life.