Montenegro Budva

Montenegro is an untouched gem with fledgling tourist industry that is quickly growing. Situated in the Balkans in the south east of Europe this small country took the brunt of the Cold War machinations between the US and Russia. Due to this it is taking its time to come into the 21st century and this only adds to its charm. There are still many communist era buildings left over that can make the place seem a little bleak but it more than makes up for it with stunning natural scenery and a warm and welcoming people. It’s pretty damn cheap too.

Budva is a large town on the coast in Montenegro which mixes this stunning natural scenery with some truly beautiful architecture and some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. To understand the best things to see in Budva it is perhaps best to step back in time in its history. Budva originated almost 3,500 years ago. Nothing from this era is left unfortunately but much of the old town was built by the Venetians, who ruled back in 1420 for around 400 years. The architecture from this era gives this town a romantic Italian feel.

What makes Budva so interesting is how many different parties ruled here; Illyrians, Greeks, Roman, Byzantines, Venetians, Austrians, French, Russians and even the Nazis have ruled here at some point. This history is well documented in the Ethnographic Museum which holds many of the artefacts from various eras.

If beaches are more your thing you will not be disappointed. There are two beaches; Mogren 1 and Mogren 2. They are lovely if not slightly crowded in the peak season between June and August. Mogren 2 is the more relaxed of these two, with 1 having more bars and a younger atmosphere. In more recent years these beaches have held various dance festivals and even once hosted the Rolling Stones.

Back into the town you will find three historic churches; St Ivan dates back to the 7th century, St Mary’s of Punta to the 9th and St Stava to the 14th. There is also the holy trinity church built in 1805. St Ivan’s is the most interesting containing various works of Venetian art and a library containing many old holy books.

Late at night Budva really wakes up and turns from quiet idyllic Mediterranean seaside town into a late night party town. There are many bars to choose from and no end of people to drink and relax with during the peak season. Both Mogren beaches become packed with revellers and there is a lot of fun to be found.

But not all of Montenegro’s best attractions are situated in Budva. To the north and south stretches a beautiful coastline that contains some fantastic vistas and sights. Further inland there are several small towns and of course the capital of Podgorica. To get to these your best bet is to rent a car as many of them are inaccessible by public transport. is a car rental broker situated in Montenegro. It is run by people who have worked in the Montenegro tourism industry for several years and they have a wealth of experience. They have had over 11,000 customers in the past 6 years and there are many glowing reviews. Auto-travel is a great place to rent a cheap and reliable car in Montenegro.

Travel to Budva, you will not regret it.